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Marriage Allowance – don’t miss out on free money!

No one would throw away money would they? No one would pass on getting free cash surely… So why is it that 2 million of us are doing exactly that! Are you missing out?

The government set up an initiative in 2015 for married couples to get free cash. Yep. I bet you didn’t ever think you would hear that sentence; the government wants to give us free cash.  And there isn’t a catch. If you meet the criteria, you get it – up to £662 to be exact.
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Today, Little Quack based his Black History homework on 12 Years A Slave and when I read it it made me really proud.
“Racism is a choice isn’t it? None of my friends were born not liking someone because of the colour of their skin or if they have a religion. Do you learn racism Mum? Like Dad told me don’t support Chelsea when you grow up? Is that the same”

#antiracism #fightracism #bornequal

No Child Is Born Into This World Thinking Colour Makes You Different

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Why we are ALL terrible parents… yes, you’re guilty too

What are the rules we always tell our kids?
Always tell the truth. Always be kind. Never trust a stranger.

So what do we do as parents…?! We totally screw our kids up! If I’m honest, I’m surprised my boys haven’t had numerous nervous breakdowns and aren’t scarred for life with what I’ve put them through…
And the thing is, I bet you have too! Our kids, collectively throughout the world, MUST be traumatised because of the adults in their lives that they trust…

I kid you not, as an adult if we believed this we would think our drink had been spiked – a rabbit that lays multi-coloured eggs that are made from chocolate and leaves them scattered everywhere once a year. Does that not sound weird?
I always remember Little Quack being caught eating ‘mini Maltesers‘ when we got our first rabbit, yet now it all makes perfect sense, I was the one who told him it was ok to eat rabbit shit. I created this weird Easter tradition in our house and I didn’t even realise the flood gates I had opened. They were not Maltesers FYI. My kid was eating rabbit shit.
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Hair Loss During Pregnancy And Looking Like a Rockhopper Penguin

Having hair loss as a woman is a really difficult thing to come to terms with whether it’s from pregnancy, stress, a hereditary condition or Alopecia – in this case mine was pregnancy and it was coming out in clumps by the handful every day.

It started at around 7 months pregnant, prior to that, pregnancy had gifted me beautiful shiny locks of hair by the bucketload and I was loving my new do! Up until the morning I woke up thinking we had got a cat without me knowing and it had slept on my pillow all night. Alas no, it wasn’t that, it was my hair!!! And I was devastated because it just kept coming out…

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Have you ever wondered what your partner gets up to when they’re babysitting?

So it’s your first night out with the girls and Prosecco, and for a few hours you can be you again! You’ve expressed and you’ve written a long list of things the other half needs to remember and be aware of and you can feel safe in the knowledge that a couple of his friends are also coming over with their older kids. Everything will be fine…
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Old People

The one thing that is a bit of a weird concept to me is this getting old malarky. I remember being a kid and looking at my Aunt who was actually probably my age (34) and thinking “cor, she’s well old!” Whereas I don’t think I’m old at all, I still consider myself as one of the kids, totes down with the hashtag, New Balance trainers, selfie pouting like a pro and flashing the peace sign at any opportunity. Now that’s an obvious sign I’m still young, right? But apparently I’m just embarrassing says Big Quack. Little Quack nods in the background with a solemn look on his face, as if they’re just about to take me to the vet and put me down 🙁

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Have yourself a Happy Halloween

Halloween is a huge big deal in our house, the kids absolutely love it, so last year when I inadvertently booked a holiday meaning that we would be sat on a stunning beach in Sardinia on the 31st everyone in my family hated me – even though I did bring along some spooky props for us, apparently it wasn’t quite the same.

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