Austyn was a big surprise and how this blog came to be. Born December 2015. To clarify (if you have read our first blog posts and are judging us…) yes he was unplanned, however, he is the best mistake we have ever made. A moment, a decision, I’ll never regret. A time where you honestly look back and believe in fate!

Austyn’s birth was magical. Maybe because I knew he would be my last.

While in labour, I felt that I looked like a serene, in control, magical mermaid. Beard informed me I resembled a tomato-faced, distressed beached whale with Tourettes. Despite the slight disagreement over our waterbirth, Austyn was born (or propelled out like a rocket), and as he was raised to the surface of the water, the little mite was still in the sac.

I have never seen anything like it before. Despite the adrenaline rushing through me, I just forgot everything and witnessed my newborn’s slow-motion movements. A minute old and unaware he was now in the big wide world.

Although I document a lot of our lives and things we do, this was private. This was just for the three of us. I didn’t grab my phone to show it to the world, yet there are no words to describe this unique, incredible moment. Even as our angel midwife, with tears in her eyes, gently blessed him with his first breath, I felt on cloud 9. I certainly do not think it is possible to have a favourite child, but I do believe you can have a favourite birth – and this was it. He will forever be my special little water baby.

After those magical moments, he’s now a mischief-maker who loves to throw tomatoes in the pond, climb on things he shouldn’t, wears wellies whatever the weather and loves to sing and dance all day every day.

Not a day goes by without him showing us a new yoga move he has learned at nursery, singing a song or telling a funny story that has us all laughing hysterically. To say he is a character is an understatement.

His new hobby is “let’s take a selfie” or asking for a photo of his “moody resty” which is a pout, so I have been told… by a 3 going on 13-year-old.

Despite the mess and chaos he causes, this boy brings so much joy and happiness into our family. He effortlessly puts a smile on anyone’s face, and as it turns out, Auz was the missing ingredient in our little family. He’s the cherry on the top, and we couldn’t imagine life without him.