Josh is our first-born, making an arrival on a sweltering day in August 2005 while ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt played (follow him on Twitter he is absolutely hilarious)! Which is ironic because he was indeed a very, very ugly baby! Luckily Josh grew into his looks as he got older…

He’s a high flyer. In other words, a high jumper and a backflipping pro when it comes to Parkour. Likewise, his new thing is not wearing a top and showing off an enviable 8-pack while kickboxing and off-roading on his bike. Where he gets this athletic side from I’ve no idea?!
As well as a big love for Parkour, his other love is skateboarding and he is forever coming home with cuts and bruises from practising various jumps! Over and over and over again….

From a very young age, he was obsessed with “things” to the point of not watching anything other than relatable content matching his current obsession. He would refuse to talk about anything else, read anything else or think about anything else. It started with Dinosaurs, then Titanic, moving onto sharks and later, wildlife.

Despite having a massive texture issue, he’s also a right foodie. Josh was the one who introduced the recipe section to the blog. He loves eating out at restaurants, trying new tastes and flavours and is a great little chef and after much persuasion, he’s now open to trying anything… and I must say he has excelled in the food critic world as he also asked if we could add the restaurant section to the blog!

In case you hadn’t guessed, Josh has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) however it doesn’t define him. It just makes him quirky.
Despite this, every day there’s a new obstacle to get over, a further barrier to break down. Especially now he is getting older. Yet we get through it, and he surprises us every day with his unique and fascinating view of the world!

As a society, there are things we take for granted that simply do not come naturally to him. Sudden changes in plans, loud noises, crowded places or even too many people talking at once send his mind into overdrive. It’s taken us a long time working with him to make him the confident lad he is today, and sometimes simple situations mentally exhaust him to the point of melt-downs, so we try to avoid those at all costs. Although he’s a worrier with a glass half full sort of kid we are immensely proud of him every day. Seeing him growing up so confident and finding things he can do, and do well, reminds us of what a strong character he is. We wouldn’t want him any other way.