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Are Dogue De Bordeaux’s Good Family Dogs?

Owning a Dogue De Bordeaux is never something you should just DO – you need to seriously think about it. Do some research. Go on Facebook and join groups, ask questions – really find out if a Dogue De Bordeaux is for you.

Yes, they are fantastic loving dogs with huge personalities. However, they are also high maintenance and bloody strong, not to mention the slobber they produce. Aside from all that, they really are gentle giants who just love to play.

Since owning a Dogue, we often got asked what Ernie is like with the kids and would we recommend the breed as a family pet. Our answer always has and will always be, YES! They make excellent family pets.

Ernie was our first DDB and, sadly, will be our last because it would be too painful to own another one. We lost Ernie extremely suddenly when he was six and diagnosed with lymphoma. Ernie became very unwell very quickly, and we lost him one week after Christmas. Cancer is common in these giant breeds and treatment can be hugely expensive and not always treatable. He was the most exceptional dog, full of character and loved so much by everyone who met him, so we just couldn’t replace him with another DDB.

I was always sceptical about owning a Dogue but there really wasn’t anything to worry about. I mean, yes, there is a lot to consider when pondering whether to own a Dogue De Bordeaux. They can weigh up to 145 pounds and reach 67cm tall. They are big dogs, and they very quickly grow from super cute puppies to large, stubborn DDB’s. They take up a lot of space, and they have absolutely no idea how big they are! They still think they are lap dogs and will clamber all over you and the sofa at any given opportunity. But that face. They are so cute, you just give in every time!  They seriously do show so much emotion in their expressions, it’s hard to not let them get away with absolutely everything!

Despite all the positives, and there are so many, let’s not forget, they are muscular and powerful but in general, loyal, laid-back and extremely affectionate. They often form strong relationships with their family, so it’s recommended not to leave them for long periods as they can become destructive if distressed. From a young age, they must be well socialised with positive training methods and daily exercise. However, they aren’t the most active dog and need minimal exercise as they just love to sleep! And snore. Loudly.

We had the most amazing 6 years with Ernie. He was taken far too soon and is missed SO much but he bought so much joy and happiness into our lives, we are so lucky to have those memories. Don’t underestimate a DDB – they are big dogs with big hearts and will leave a big dent in your life when they go. You can find out a bit more about Ernie here.


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