Baby Purees 4-7 months

Just because your child is now four months old doesn’t mean you have to start weaning. Let your baby lead you at this time, they’ve only been in the world between 121 and 213 days. Some babies are not interested in beginning the journey of weaning until past six months; every child is different and there is absolutely no reason to rush

All of the below recipes will make a number of servings so scoop the mixture into ice cube trays and pop out 1 or 2 as and when you need them

Where To Start

Ok, so you’re new to the world of weaning… don’t panic, it’s easy, I promise. When you are making dinner set a bit of veg aside for baby and blend it, pop it in an ice cube tray and defrost when you need it. When you have some fruit, set a bit of fruit aside for baby and blend it too. Nom nom nom.
You’re not cooking dinner tonight, you’re knackered? That’s fine, don’t sweat it, get a pre-made pouch – don’t beat yourself up – it’s one day, there’s always tomorrow.
The key thing to remember is go for one puree’d fruit or vegetable a day so the staple “5-a-day” is introduced then mix it up a bit. After the single flavours have been introduced; the staples like carrots, broccoli, peas etc. Team different flavours until you find ones that work e.g. parsnips & potatoes, spinach & butternut squash, the list is endless.  Below I’ve worked with Big Quack to introduce alternative flavours to your standard potatoes, carrots, broccoli and pea puree’s…

Courgette & Potato Puree

  • Servings: This will make 8 servings and is suitable for home freezing for up to 4 weeks
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Print
Introduce an interesting taste fusion for your little one.  Its one of the easiest to mash down to a smooth, soft consistency.  Use small courgettes as they are not bitter like the large ones; unless of course you want to go for the “baby bleugh face” to catch on camera!? Haha


1 small courgette – trimmed ends and sliced 1 potato – peeled and cut into cubes


1.  Bring a pan of water to the boil and add the potato.  Cover and simmer for 15 minutes

2.  Meanwhile add the courgette to a steamer and cook until tender – around 12 minutes.  Alternatively put in a pan of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 6 minutes

3.  Drain each pan and blend together to a smooth consistency, ensuring any lumps are out for very young babies

Fast and effective recipe for a plentiful amount of nutrients your baby needs.  Sweet potato is naturally soft so this idea is so versatile.  For first tastes from 4 months – overcook the vegetables and puree.  To introduce a slight amount of texture from 6 – 9 months mash the carrots rather than blend.  To add a little more, from 9 months keep the peas whole and once your baby is a fully fledged medley muncher around 12 months – cut into chunks as a tasty finger treat. Both my boys adored this meal the whole way through weaning and beyond.


  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1 small butternut squash
  • 1 large carrot
  • 4 spoons of frozen peas


1.   Peel and cut all vegetables into small cubes.  Steam or boil squash and sweet potatoes in a pan together until tender; approximately 15 minutes

2.  Boil carrots and peas together; also for around 15 minutes

3.  Puree each item individually and then smooth together, adding warm water to thin if required


</strong>Green Bean & Suede Mash<strong>

  • Servings: around 10 portions depending on your babies appetite/ You can keep this medley in the fridge immediately for 2-3 days after cooking or alternatively freeze for up to 4 weeks by spooning into ice cube trays
  • Difficulty: nibbling a hobnob
  • Print

Avoid using runner beans as they can be a tad stringy, opt for french beans and team this with the sweet taste of Rutabaga (formally known as suede) The Quacks & Moo adored this meal the whole way through weaning and beyond; as your baby gets older keep the green beans whole to dip into a three-veg puree of suede, carrot and parsnip

***Big Quack and Little Quack however won’t touch green beans with a barge pole now….***


1/2 suede
6 green beans – top and tailed (chop each end off obvs)

Peel and cut all vegetables into small cubes and then steam or boil for 15 minutes

2.   Puree each item individually and then smooth together as the green beans are far tougher than the suede. Reserve the vegetable broth to water down the puree if required or add a little bit of baby’s milk to the correct consistency

Pumpkin & pear puree

Your baby will love this little treat mid-morning.  It’s a great brunch snack that contains a good source of Beta-Carotene or a nice dessert after a small light meal.  Make a bulk load and freeze for up to 4 weeks. It’s also perfect for your little one to enjoy on 31st October, check out our blog on Halloween

You need:
Slice of Pumpkin – approx. 500g/1lb

1 soft pear

1. Peel the pumpkin and the pear.  Ensure you have deseeded and removed the core.  Cut into small cubes

2. Bring a pan of water to the boil and add the pumpkin and pear.  Cook until tender – approx 15 minutes

3.  Drain and blend to a puree.  Adding a little warm water to thin the consistency if necessary.  Easy as pumpkin pie!

Avocado & banana split

An easy mash that requires no heating, no cooking and no fuss.  Unfortunately freezing this is hit and miss… if you leave it out to defrost it will turn brown, if you do a quick microwave blitz it doesn’t – so I’ll leave that one up to you

To save waste

You need:
1 soft ripe avocado
1 banana

1. Peel each fruit and cut into small cubes

2.  Blend to a soft, creamy puree.  To thin the consistency, simply add some warm water and stir.  Use immediately or it will end up a nasty brown moosh. If your baby is starting to embrace baby led weaning, you could introduce some home cooked oatmeal cookies for dipping into the split

***Did you know that if your bananas are rapidly heading to the graveyard you can store them in the freezer and use them at a later date to make muffins, bread and cakes??
And if your little one doesn’t eat all of the avocado you can have it tomorrow, give a little squeeze of lemon juice and store in an airtight container for the following day #justsayin***