Days Out

Spending time with the family and enjoying those little moments with the kids are things that we sometimes take for granted, or don’t even have the time to plan. So let us take the decision of where to go away from you, so you can just relax, have fun and enjoy every little moment.

CBeebies Land Hotel

Austyn is obsessed with In The Night Garden, so for his birthday, we headed off to Alton Towers to stay in the CBeebies Land resort in a fabulous “In The Night Garden” suite. CBeebies Hotel has a range of suites from Bugbies rooms (which are the cheeky little yellow blobs that bounce around our TV… Read More CBeebies Land Hotel

The London Eye

The London Eye is probably one of the most iconic landmarks on the South Bank of the River Thames. When it opened in 2000, it was the largest Ferris Wheel globally, standing at 443 feet tall. However, Las Vegas later topped it with a 550 feet tall version, called The High Roller. Despite this, the… Read More The London Eye

Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flight

I went through a stage of surprising Beard with random things I thought he would enjoy after we had a particularly stressful year. If you follow us on social media, you will already know I am immensely geographically challenged. I’m that person that buys a chair in Wales for 99p on eBay but has to… Read More Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flight

Shreks Adventure

Here’s a little film trivia to start our review; try and think back to when Shrek first hit our big screens… If I told you it was 2001 would that make you feel really old?! A few years back, we saw Shrek The Musical – it was utterly brilliant! The boys LOVED it, and I cannot… Read More Shreks Adventure

Brick Live!

I’m not sure about your brood, but my kids are obsessed with LEGO, and secretly Beard is too. Every Sunday, we used to have a ‘crash-off’ where we would have half an hour to build an indestructible truck. After we would head to the arena (kitchen floor), and each sit in the corner of the… Read More Brick Live!

Alton Towers

Beard likes to get his money worth with things like this, so despite promising the kids numerous times that we would one day go to Alton Towers, he had no intention until Finn reached optimal height. Poor little sod. For about two years, he measured himself hoping one day soon his dream would come true. But… Read More Alton Towers

Kart World

Our kids are complete petrol heads. Anything cars, they love! They’re obsessed, so when we were given the opportunity to pop along to Kart World while on holiday in Cornwall, they couldn’t wait to get there! Perfect for all the family, there’s a mini circuit with battery-operated karts. Of course, these are perfect for little… Read More Kart World

Wookey Hole

  Set in a quaint place called Wookey Hole lies a place called Wookey Hole. A day out for all the family, young or old. So what is this Hole in Wookey you talk of? If you want a mix of fun and education, without the stress of queuing for a rollercoaster, or the kids getting… Read More Wookey Hole

Loose River

I’m not entirely sure how we stumbled across Loose, but I am so glad we did. We found a gorgeous local pub which was fantastic (click the link for our review), then after our lovely meal, the owners recommended a country walk to work off the roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding. We walk along the river,… Read More Loose River

Adrenalin Quarry

We hadn’t heard of the Adrenalin Quarry until we saw a sign for it while travelling across Cornwall. It’s a GREAT place to go with older kids who are adrenaline junkies! The Quarry offers several treats you can dive into that are all priced individually, but equally, you can get discounts for the more things… Read More Adrenalin Quarry

Saatchi Gallery

Both myself and Beard LOVE art, and we are still in the stages of trying to convert the kids to open their mind a little and let that weird and wonderful world in… so far, we’ve been greeted with, “I could have done that” and, “you call that art?” The Saatchi Gallery is a new… Read More Saatchi Gallery

Christmas Tree Farm

Having The Christmas Tree Farm on our doorstep is great for weekends when we are stuck for something to do but want to get the kids out in the air and away from screens. Set in the village of Downe where Charles Darwin sat to write his books, The Origin of Species and the many… Read More Christmas Tree Farm

Pirate Cove, Bluewater

Thank you to Bluewater for inviting us to the Pirates Cove Crazy Golf. We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful summers day spending an hour or so playing crazy golf, and the way it has been created is great for kids. It is incredible. The children loved the entrance, walking through deciding which golf… Read More Pirate Cove, Bluewater

Buckingham Palace

I had never considered visiting Buckingham Palace as I didn’t think the boys would be interested; however, when The Royal Collection Trust contacted us for a VIP visit, they absolutely jumped at the chance! And I must say, I was pretty surprised. And then pleasantly surprised that we all loved it and would thoroughly recommend… Read More Buckingham Palace