Adrenalin Quarry

We hadn’t heard of the Adrenalin Quarry until we saw a sign for it while travelling across Cornwall. It’s a GREAT place to go with older kids who are adrenaline junkies!
The Quarry offers several treats you can dive into that are all priced individually, but equally, you can get discounts for the more things you decide to do. Plus bolt-on additional things like a video, a photo, or a second-go at a reduced rate.

We did two of the activities on offer at The Quarry. The Giant Swing, which sounds lovely, doesn’t it? You think of a giggling, smiling toddler with sparkling eyes at the sheer joy of gently swinging backwards and forwards.

Think again.

Imagine blood-curdling screams of pure horror at the fact you have sh!t your pants! That’s this swing! You’re 160 feet above the lake, swinging off the side of a cliff edge, after being hauled up a telegraph pole and then dropped like a sack of spuds. In fact, you are winched up, and then they leave you there dangling and just as you’re about to say, “no, I don’t want to do this”, the staff shout “SEE YA” and the most gut-wrenching, horrendous freefall is in front of your very eyes. I genuinely thought I was going to be sick.
I turned to Finn, and he had gone completely white and had tears streaming down his face. I felt a tiny bit guilty at my parenting technique, but then I realised I was the same, and this was his bloody idea!

Once it became apparent we weren’t going to die; I had to gather up every ounce of strength to try and control the earthquake shakes that were shuddering through my body. I’m not entirely sure I have ever been that scared doing something before, and I’m pretty sure it’s the most terrifying thing Finn has ever done, but at the end, we still shouted: “LET’S DO THAT AGAIN!!!!” Although secretly, I’m glad I didn’t go on again.

We then ventured across the quarry to The Zip, a 490-metre long zip line that is 50 metres high and sends you across the lake, reaching speeds of 40mph.
I couldn’t do this one as I needed to be at the top for them to set off (together) and at the bottom for the kids at the landing point, just in case they had passed out mid-zip! Alas, they hadn’t; they said it was the most fantastic experience that left them feeling like superheroes!


Unfortunately, at the time of our visit, Finn was too young to do the Coasteering and The Blob as you need to be over the age of 10, but it looked like great fun. One person sits on the end of an inflatable tube, you climb up the tower and jump onto the other end, which then catapults the other person up up up and away. Furthermore, after a bit more of a coasteering session, you are greeted by The Widowmaker, a 33ft jump off a cliff edge and into the unknown.

One of the newest activities at Adrenaline Quarry is Axe Throwing. Give a kid something sharp and dangerous, and they’re bound to love it, aren’t they? I’ve got a feeling we might be coming back to this place very, very soon.

If your family love thrill-seeking adventures, this is the place for you. You could easily spend the day here jumping from adrenaline-fuelled activity to the next.