Brick Live!

I’m not sure about your brood, but my kids are obsessed with LEGO, and secretly Beard is too. Every Sunday, we used to have a ‘crash-off’ where we would have half an hour to build an indestructible truck. After we would head to the arena (kitchen floor), and each sit in the corner of the room. Finally, we would then speed our vehicles straight into the middle, where they would crash into each other, and bits would come flying off.

Simple as that.

The rules are, you could reattach your wheels once but not rebuild any other part, and the winner was the last one standing.
It was a great way to let your inner big kid out, spend time together as a family but equally enjoy our time together, rather than clock-watching as I pretend I enjoy playing superheroes.

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We’ve heard of LEGO exhibitions before, and we have always been keen to go, but have never got around to it. Luckily, when we heard about Brick Live, we jumped at the chance to tag along to their launch. And when we heard it was at The Saatchi Gallery, we were even more excited! Beard and I LOVE this art gallery – you can read a bit more about it here if you want.

So Brick Live is the UK’s largest LEGO event, and there are many across Europe. Consequently, we were lucky enough to attend the smaller scale Christmas show instead of their huge Excel and NEC ones, which look incredible but very busy.
You can check out events and what’s on through their website.
It’s a pretty cool event for LEGO fans, old and young, as well as newbie creatives who want to get involved. This show has three sessions from 10 am, 1 pm and 3.45 pm and your slot gives you two hours to explore the four zones; the Christmas Zone, the Creative Zone, Minecraft and Star Wars area. These zones were perfect for us as Finn is totally into Minecraft and Josh is obsessed with Star Wars.
On our particular visit, we were lucky enough to meet the exclusive guests, the 501st League!!!! Queue kids minds being blown.

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Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 14.01.46This show is excellent as each room is specific to the theme – in the Christmas Zone, there is a lot of workshops based around Crimbo; build a present, help build a GIANT snowman, plus the incredible Fairy Bricks mosaic. This was my particular favourite – each square you replicate in LEGO bricks (it’s easier than it sounds), then they all get placed side by side to create a sizeable 4x4metre image! What’s better is the fact that any donations received at Brick Live are passed over to Fairy Bricks, a charity that provides LEGO sets to children in hospitals and hospices across the UK, and there are loads of ways you can get involved. We are.


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The Minecraft arena does exactly what it says on the tin – everything Minecraft. We each built a little part of the Minecraft World and added it to a massive centre stage that created a wonderful Minecraft world.

I’ll be honest; I’m not a Star Wars fan. I’ve never seen any of the films from start to finish. Yes! I Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.58.54know, everyone is always shocked when I state this fact, but it just doesn’t interest me. Josh, however, spent most of his time here building huge ships and adding them to the central galaxy.
Despite not being a Star Wars fan, what I did love was the Star Wars art. Now that WAS impressive! And there are lots of other incredible LEGO art to immerse yourself in as you go around the show.

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In the Creative zone, there is the fabulous graffiti wall which is where I spent a good hour creating my masterpiece while shuffling small children out of my space. Haha – sorry about that, little people, but I was on a mission to complete this!

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Then there’s the area to build London – the very impressive LEGO structure sets that I’ve never seen in the flesh. Finn’s fav, the Lego Pool, the Ski Slope and the Race Ramp. We had so much fun in this zone before heading to the Christmas market/gift shop, where we bought our very own personalised superhero Lego men.

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I can’t recommend this particular show enough. It’s perfect for an excellent few hours out and about. Go on, get yourself down to the next show, and have some fun with the millions of bricks you can get your hands on.

When asked by the founders what single word Finn would use to sum up Brick Live, he said “amazeballs”.

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