Kart World

Our kids are complete petrol heads. Anything cars, they love! They’re obsessed, so when we were given the opportunity to pop along to Kart World while on holiday in Cornwall, they couldn’t wait to get there!

Perfect for all the family, there’s a mini circuit with battery-operated karts. Of course, these are perfect for little ones aged six years and under. Then there’s another track broken down for 7-9 years, 10-15 years, and 16+, as well as for the ultimate thrill-seekers, a Grand Prix experience.

As you come into Karting World, there’s a huge car park, so you’ll never worry about parking. The downside is you can’t prebook the driving experience due to their Arrive & Drive policy. While this is great, it’s also not so great when there’s a massive queue from the registration hut. When you arrive, you need to fill in a medical form and a disclaimer; however, there isn’t an area to pick one up and then fill it in away from the queuing system, so the queues are LONG as people are being given them at the desk leaving you to wait while they complete it and then make payment.
Once you’ve signed your life away and made a payment, it’s time to get suited up. Again this is a pretty grim experience. There’s an enormous container, and there are rows of hanging race suits where you rummage to find your size. Think of TK Maxx and your kid’s wardrobe – combined… there’s stuff everywhere. Nothing is in the right place or in the correct order. Naturally, some things are upside down, and typically you get that essential item of clothing that entangles in your trainers. Meanwhile, you stumble around trying to grab the hanger with the correct size suit before the hawkeye Mother next to you nabs it. It’s a bit of a nightmare.

Of course, the little critters are supposed to put their race suit back after racing, but instead, they basically lob it from the entrance of the container and do a runner.

After a rather stressful start, the boys are booked on, in their race suits, and now it’s time to Kart!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.37.09.pngSadly not, that’s what you would hope. However, this is where you now queue to kart. To summarise, with Karting World, you turn up, and you have the choice of 10, 20, or 30 mins on the track; the great thing about this is if you spin out, that’s not your turn finished, you still have the minutes remaining to have another go. The downside is once the 800-meter laps have been completed in the race with everyone else, your turn is over, and it’s to the back of the queue again for your next go.

Despite the lots of waiting around, the kids are beaming. Plus, it does look like fantastic fun. And it really is excellent value for money. The karts themselves are in fabulous condition; the staff are all clued up with safety, not ruining fun and fun not ruining safety, which is a good thing to see somewhere like this. The track comprises lots of twists and turns, a chicane and a long straight to build your speed up. We’ve been to quite a few karting events before, but this track is especially good as it’s wide enough for the more experienced super speeders to overtake those getting used to the track and throttle.

The boys have said this is the best track they’ve been to. Personally, I think it had something to do with the 120cc 28mph Junior karts they were throwing themselves around in. That, and the fact they were up against adults who they took great joy in cutting up and speeding past.

Come here, expect queues but leave with very buzzing kids. Next time I’m definitely getting involved!