Saatchi Gallery

Both myself and Beard LOVE art, and we are still in the stages of trying to convert the kids to open their mind a little and let that weird and wonderful world in… so far, we’ve been greeted with, “I could have done that” and, “you call that art?”

The Saatchi Gallery is a new one to us; we came here after I totally cocked up the date of Beards Rolling Stones Exhibitionism tickets and turned up a couple of months too early. As we stood there wondering what to do next, it dawned on me that we haven’t been to an art gallery together for years. We’ve been too busy being parents and cleaning up meals chucked on the floor, instead of actually doing one of the things we used to love doing together, like seeing food chucked on the floor by, say, Tracey Emin.

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The Saatchi Gallery is a great place that showcases young artists work or established artists that have never or rarely exhibited their work in the UK. From the weird and wonderful to the pieces that get you really thinking, the art that you just love and don’t know why, and the others where you just stare at it and think, “what on earth…?”

That’s what I love about art. It’s all relative and perspectives. It forms the basis of conversations, and it gets your mind asking questions in a way you don’t in everyday life.

We’ve been to quite a few of the art galleries around London:
The Tate
The Barbican
National Portrait Gallery
Somerset House
Camden Art Centre
Dulwich Picture Gallery

I love all of them for very different reasons, but for me, The Saatchi Gallery encapsulates everything and more. The art is diverse and equally gives you a look into artists that you wouldn’t even know exist – it gives something back to the very thing it’s promoting. Similarly, there is always something interesting going on here in the form of an exciting exhibition regularly featuring something all the family are bound to love.