Shreks Adventure

Here’s a little film trivia to start our review; try and think back to when Shrek first hit our big screens…
If I told you it was 2001 would that make you feel really old?!

A few years back, we saw Shrek The Musical – it was utterly brilliant! The boys LOVED it, and I cannot wait to go back with Austyn as I know he will love it just as much as we did. Shrek does appeal to everyone, no matter their age. So when we were asked by Merlin Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation to check out the new Shreks Adventure at Southbank in London, we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, Austyn was poorly with a chest infection and missed out on all the fun.

If, like us, you have no idea what Shreks Adventure is, let us walk you through the magical experience.

Shreks Adventure is an immersive live interactive walkthrough show, and you and your family feature in it! You join characters from the film (plus lots of other Dreamworks friends too) in an adventure preventing…. Hold on. I can’t tell you that bit! That will give away the entire story and ruin your day out!

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You start your journey with lots of photo’s, and I mean LOTS. Travelling through the fantastic set of a magical bus depot, you stop off at points to get pictures of you all together with Shrek, the dragon, Donkey and numerous other characters from Dreamworks films.
At one point, I must admit, this did irritate Beard as he knew what was coming at the end when he would have to part with his cash to get a couple of pictures; however by the end of our journey he was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! Why? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

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Without ruining it for you, this interactive experience wasn’t at all what we expected; Josh isn’t a fan of being put in a room with actors and being put on the spot to “perform” however, the way Shreks Adventure does it, is just perfect. Each of the characters brings in the audience in a charming and fun way, so you don’t feel at all embarrassed or self-conscious. Yet at the same time, it tells a story – of course, each experience is totally different as the audience makes it what it is – you are part of the story, and in your own way, you’re telling it, acting it and changing it along the way.
So we start by meeting Fiona – Fiona the Princess Human, not Princess Ogre and before we knew it we were all dancing, singing and clapping “then I saw her face!!! Now I’m a believer, not a trace of doubt in my mind…!” This is what powers the magical bus that takes you into the Dreamworks parallel universe in which you will spend the next one and a half to two hours.

Honestly, we had the most fantastic time here. We actually went along to celebrate Finns birthday (Christmas Eve), and at this particular time of year, you can even treat your little one to a unique Santa experience as well (check website for details). The tickets are reasonably priced, and the set that you walk around is utterly brilliant. The attention to detail is just fab, and as a wannabe set designer back in the day, I know what I’m talking about! It really does feel like you’re on an adventure with a load of people you’ve just met, but by the end, you’re all chums, and you’ve all succeeded in your mission. The staff are equally fabulous. Personally, we especially liked that Cinderella took an instant liking to Beard and was incredibly flirty. Josh thought they were getting married at one point – however, after realising he was already taken (and a plumber), she swiftly sent him off to look for treasure down a toilet instead of kissing him!
Then we had the chef who got Finn to help him cook up a recipe to prevent Rumplestiltskin’s witches from finding us, followed by Josh leading our entire troop to safety through the magical mirror maze in the forest. The journey was completed by me getting totally shunned by Shrek. Again, like Cinders, he fancied Beard as well! Must be the facial hair…

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After your immersive tour/show, you then come across the Dreamworks interactive section where you can be part of the world of Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar or even How To Train A Dragon. There are things to do and places for photographs all over the area for the Instagram lovers amongst you. Or if you wanted, you can breeze straight through here and go and catch your train back. We spent a while here playing some great games, like Shadow Karate, Bean Bag Throwing, juggling and that game where you have to get your wand across an electric buzzer maze without it touching – you know the one I mean, right…?

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So after all this fun, we then had a final surprise!
As I said earlier, this was the bit where Beard was getting irritated by the number of pictures being taken and thinking they would cost a fortune. Well, welcome to a company that genuinely wants to make memories with you. A charming storybook with images galore and only £25. Plus, it’s not just a book of photographs – there are recipes and things to do. It’s the best memory of a day out I have ever purchased, that’s for sure.

Thank you, Merlin Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation – we had a great time. Guys, book your tickets here now and save up to 30% – TAKE ME FAR FAR AWAY  

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