The London Eye

The London Eye is probably one of the most iconic landmarks on the South Bank of the River Thames. When it opened in 2000, it was the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world, standing at 443 feet tall. However, Las Vegas later topped it with a 550 feet tall version, called The High Roller. Despite this, the Millennium Wheel (as it’s also called) remains the largest in Europe.


With tickets starting at £24.30 an adult, it’s pretty pricey but despite that, it’s certainly worth a visit, as on a clear day you get a fantastic view of the city. I imagine it would be incredible in the evening too. There are also lots of packages to choose from with wine tasting, private pods, package deals, and booking for special events etc.

The overall experience lasts approximately 30 minutes, but unfortunately, it takes longer to queue to get onto the wheel than it does once you’re in the pod taking in the sights. After 10 minutes the boys were bored and complaining they needed a wee. Mental note to all parents – take a portable potty for toddlers and ensure older kids empty bladders (fully) before boarding!

Despite their complaining of no toilets on board, the views (when blocking out said whinging) are incredible. Seeing the Thames snaking through the city and the many famous landmarks you can view for miles, it’s certainly a must-see attraction and top of the list of things to do in London! You have to experience it.