Wookey Hole


Set in a quaint place called Wookey Hole lies a place called Wookey Hole. A day out for all the family, young or old.

So what is this Hole in Wookey you talk of? If you want a mix of fun and education, without the stress of queuing for a rollercoaster, or the kids getting bored in a museum, then this is the place for you.

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Wookey Hole has lots of things to do and is perfect for kids of all ages for a full day of activities, whatever the weather.

So let’s just list the things you can do:
Caves and tunnels: Now, this is what you REALLY come for. This is what you pay for. Babywearing is all the rage now, so get that baby on and off you go if you’ve got anyone under the age of two with you. These caves are possibly one of my favourite places in the UK. I adore it down there, and I would love to spend more time exploring as it takes my breath away every time. Here you “explore the unexplored” with a tour of the caves dating back 50,000 years, where archaeologists have found proof that both man and beast dwelled in the caves many moons ago.  Upon escalating the grounds, they found the bones of Ice Age animals, such as rhinoceros, bear, mammoth and lion (Lion in SOMERSET!!!) as well as prehistoric flint tools. This completely blows my mind. Archaeologists also claim that the cave was occupied by hyenas between 35,000 and 25,000 BC. How cool is that?!

Of course, you then have the infamous tales that developed throughout the dark ages of the legend of the Wookey Witch. Over the years, there have been whisperings that King Arthur murdered her. However, other tales claim the Abbot of Glastonbury summoned Father Bernard to exorcise her (as in killing her, not put on a Mr Motivator video to work her abs), while others say she was turned to stone. I believe the latter. I’ve seen it.

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4D Cinema & Witches Laboratory: The 4D cinema changes all the time and each time we have seen it, it’s been really enjoyable! It is also themed to the time of year, so if you’re there near Christmas or Halloween, it’s a real treat for the kids. Sometimes it’s even a bit scary when you’re flying through the air in a broken helicopter with a T-Rex chasing you!!! The witches laboratory is very smart; it’s an immersive 3D experience where you’re upside down and in the quirky house of the Wookey Witch with her bat as your guide.

Valley of The Dinosaurs & the Fairy Gardens: As you come out into the fresh air, you can wander around the garden area with giant dinosaurs, teeny tiny fairies and King Kong while learning prehistoric facts and fairy spotting along the way. Why not stop here for a snack if it’s a nice day?

Cave & Cave Diving Museum: This is one of Josh’s favourite parts where you can find out about the history of how the caves have been restored. Plus the many deaths that have occurred from cave divers trying to find more chambers and becoming lost in the tunnels – don’t worry, younger children won’t be aware of this side of it; it’s just his weird obsession with the danger that makes it stand out.

Paper Making & Museum: Not so much a museum, but more of a large room with demonstrations and an area for the kids to get involved. A really interesting part of Wookey Hole, but only if you time it right as it’s only on throughout the day at certain times. Unfortunately, we have missed it each time we have visited.

Circus: This made me cry. The entertainment is made up of the kids from Wookey and local villages. Honestly, the kids are so talented! It’s very, very sweet. They’re all part of the local circus school, and the show they put on is utterly WONDERFUL! Again, work out what times the show will be on as you need to take your seats before it starts in The Big Top Circus Arena. This is certainly NOT part of Wookey Hole that you will want to miss.

After all that, you’ve still got the Wizards Play Castle, Mirror Maze, Victorian Penny Arcade, Pirate Zap Zone, Pirates Crazy Golf – plus the themed restaurant.

Oh, and did I mention the cheese? Cave-aged cheese! When you’re down in the caves, you’ll walk towards a dark little crevice, and then the stench will smack you in the face, but the cheese is DIVINE! Invest in a slab of that if you like mature cheese. It’s delectable!

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As usual, we had a great time at Wookey Hole. I’d advise booking in advance as you can receive a discount of around 20%, but overall this place is EXCELLENT value for money. In my opinion, there is lots to do, and lot’s to see so you could even make the most out of it by staying overnight perhaps??!