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The Ultimate Guide for an Awesome Halloween Party

Halloween is a huge big deal in our house, the kids absolutely love it, so last year when I inadvertently booked a holiday meaning that we would be sat on a beach in Sardinia on the 31st everyone in my family hated me – even though I did bring along some spooky props for us, apparently it wasn’t quite the same.

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Instead, we were forced to celebrate Halloween Sardinia style which meant going to the local village and being heckled by a load of Sardinian kids dressed in their most elegant ghoulish attire, while we attempted to whoop their arses at tug-of-war. We lost.

Lesson Learnt never ever book a holiday over the Halloween period.

So, if unlike me, you’re a good parent who is planning a spooktastic celebration at home for your kids, friends and family then look no further; see if we can inspire you because in previous years, without blowing my own trumpet, we have nailed it and you can too!
Below are some of our favourite dishes that not only look great but taste great too. If you want to find the recipes for any of them, click here

So you’ve nailed your buffet with some vomit-inducing delights, but now you need to look the part. Dress up time is our kids favourite time and I’m going to miss the days when they don’t come running up to me to do their make up. They may be asking me to decorate their face to look like a murderer but they’re my little angels at heart.
From war-torn soldiers to vampires, zombie apocalypses, skeletons and all that in-between – let your imagination run riot and let them get creative doing your make up too. It’s all about the fun of it, not how perfect your dress up is.

So your outfit is sorted, you have a ton of fake blood, cobwebs you endeavour to put up everywhere (good luck getting them all down), a couple of token spiders to hide in inconspicuous places plus the banquet food is all under control.
Then you’re horrified to remember that you’ve got a load of kids coming to this party! Evil snotty kids. What on earth are you going to do with them!? Well, carry on reading, and maybe we can give you a few ideas.

Spooky Quiz:
If you’re looking for some themed trivia to get your rival teams going at your party, download our 20 question quizzes:


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Apple Bobbing: No party can be complete without the good old fashioned Apple Bobbing game. You can play the regular one with water, or you could shake it up a bit where you have apples in water and then apples in flour. The winner is the one who can get both apples out of each bowl the quickest, and everyone else can have a good laugh at the flour faced monster.

Mummifying: This is an excellent game for kids and adults alike. Each team has 10 rolls of toilet paper and has to use all 10 to successfully wrap up their Mummy. 1 point is awarded for the team who do it the quickest. 1 point for the team who covers their Mummy the best and an extra 3 points if the Mummy can walk from one end of the room to the other and remain Mummified by at least 75 %.

Handy Tip: Play this after Apple Bobbing, and you can use all the wasted toilet paper to clean up.

Pumpkin Carving: This will totally depend on the ages of your kids, but we love to do this every year with a responsible adult manning the situation in each group. Get the oldest 3 people from your party to be the judges and the team who is deemed to have created a unique masterpiece wins lots of sugar-coated sweets to rot their teeth.

Marshmallow Comp: We all know our kids have big gobs but how big are they really? The winner is the person who can shove the most amount of “Ghosts” in their mouth. Simple but useful for shutting them up, in my opinion.

Worm Digging: A slightly messy one but a goody. Cook yourself up a HUGE bowl of spaghetti and chuck in a decent amount of blood and clots, I mean chopped tomatoes! Now add some small pre-purchased plastic/rubber body parts (aim for approximately 10-20 depending on the size of your worm bucket and also the age of the kids so they don’t actually choke on one) and hey presto, you’ve got a yucky game that the kids will love to be involved in and the adults will cringe at. Each participant has 30 seconds – 1 minute (you decide) to find as many body parts as possible. The winner is the one with the most!

And finally, you need a playlist, right? A mix between spooky Halloween sounds to terrify your arriving guests, some dance floor fillers and some cringe-worthy classics – again, we have this all under control – check out our Spotify playlist for almost 5 hours of haunted choonage!

And the award for the best Halloween Party goes to, yep, YOU!!!

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