Le Petit Fort Hobbit House, Bellac, France

The first time I had ever heard of Airbnb was through one of my friends. I remember her stunned expression as I stated we had never even heard of the flying bed and breakfast of which she spoke of. Alas, AirBNB is genius – lots of people offering out their places from the weird and wonderful entire house rentals, to the quirky spare room in the loft. Worldwide! And we absolutely love it for all it’s weird and wonderful rentals!

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We now regularly use Airbnb around 2-3 times a year, I’d love to use it more often as I simply LOVE the concept behind it, the people we meet and above all – places like this!
Le Petit Fort Hobbit House is possibly my favourite rental we’ve had from Airbnb as it’s a house like no other. It’s so hard to describe because it oozes so much unique character, quirky touches and stunning views. Most importantly the house itself is built on the original site of a 10th Century chateau, and the house as it stands now is 15th Century. Remarkably it has been painstakingly renovated by the incredibly talented Michael who has somehow managed to keep the wonderfully wonky original spiral staircase. The fantastic property boasts ample space across four floors and areas that have the original low ceilings with beams, imperfect doorways and uppy-downy floor.

The house was constructed to the standards of earlier times and consequently, you may encounter features that reflect its particular character but deserve due care and attention, particularly for the young, elderly, less mobile or visually impaired. There are, for example, low beams, some low doorways, very steep spiral staircases constructed in 1400s , and uneven floors, and there is a big drop behind the house.”
^ That’s the health and safety part out of the way! ^

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This really is the most picture-perfect retreat. Beard spent the mornings with a cup of tea and a book gazing out of the Juliet balcony and the evening’s by candlelight with a glass of whisky and the wood-burning stove for company.
The views over the Vincou Valley and railway viaduct were simply breathtaking – it was wonderful seeing the train chugging along as the sun was setting in the background.

If you fancy going for a wander, turn left out of the house and proceed up the hill and Bellac is a lovely little village with plenty of shops, little tavernas and eateries within walking distance.Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.23.51
Turn right out the house and head down the valley and you’ll stumble across a beautiful river with lovely walks and an excellent little restaurant, Cafe Le Pont de la Pierre. Many a day was spent here. Consequently, the owners were lovely, the food was divine, the drinks were thirst-quenching, the setting stunning. In other words, it was just perfect.

The Hobbit House is so wonderfully unique and the area is one of those gorgeous sleepy villages that is utterly enchanting. Think rustic charm with a playful twist, including all the mod-cons you could wish for. The owners have managed to seamlessly keep the majority of the furniture antique yet teaming this design perfectly with contemporary. But have then put the cherry on the top, with some really unique art and awe-inspiring surprises along the way (I won’t spoil it for you). But every day you will stumble across something surprising by opening a little door or seeing something in a different light. The kids spent ages each day (and night) on the hunt for something new we hadn’t noticed!

It really is so much fun, but don’t take my word for it – book it now through Airbnb for just £73* per night!!!!

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* price at the time of writing this