Notaires Lake, Limoges – France

The last time we enjoyed a family and friends fishing trip, we had an absolute blast and were thoroughly spoilt at Wills Lake. This time around there are more of us, as our friends have finally managed to bag themselves girlfriends – well-done lads, we knew you’d get there in the end!

We love fishing, but as a family, we rarely get enough time to do it. However, having your best friend as the co-founder of i-angler and Fortis Eyewear is a bit of a perk for Beard.

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On this particular fishing trip, there were three oldies, including one on crutches who decided to break their ankle the week before we went away (well done Mum), plus four fishermen, one wife, two girlfriends and two kids.
Notaires has three lakes, although there are two leading lakes and one with unknown specimens in, so the fishy folk amongst us were more than happy. Equally, so were the kids as they felt as though they were angling for new breeds in the “unknown lake” and they did catch a few, some new specimens you may not have heard of before; Roy The Fish, Flicky Tail Wishbone, Scaly Michael… There were loads!

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When we weren’t fishing, which wasn’t that often, there was also a great pool that was VERY well used throughout our stay. With fitness laps in the morning, inflatable afternoons and even a “let’s push Grandad in with his hotdog” evening!

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The website states “hard fighting carp” which is due to the stream-fed lakes providing extra oxygen. The main lake is well stocked with the average carp at around 20lb, the lowest at 15lb and some heavyweights above 40lb. Both lakes have beautiful views of rolling hills. Across the 75-acres there is a menagerie of animals from rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, pigs, sheep, alpaca’s, cats and dogs. Therefore, there is always something to entertain the kids when they aren’t exploring the woodland, down on the bank, playing on the play frame of dive-bombing in the pool.

For those that fish amongst you, the carp here are triploid, so they do not breed which means no time is lost when they are spawning (big tick and no excuses for blanking…) and another perk, they cram on some extra pounds due to this. We had a fantastic time here over two weeks, I especially loved the evening fishing when we witnessed some spectacular storms across the hills looking out over the lake, and of course, the fact that Beard bonused the biggest carp of the holiday that night.

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