Camp Bestival: By An Honest First Timer

Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone!!! 

And there we were, planning our cosmic adventure and ready to blast into the unknown world of outer space for the very first time. Onward to Lulworth Castle – Camp Bestival, the worlds biggest family festival is booked!!


With 8 kids ranging from 6 months to 16 years old – one of those kids with Autism, the 6-month-old teething, two people needing to drop out late notice due to illness and a parent in a leg cast from a recent operation, we were dubious of what our experience would be like on a new planet. But damn it, we were ready to blast off. There was no aborting this mission…


After what can only be described as an insane game of intergalactic Tetris by packing 3 families (and all the paraphernalia that goes with them – including more kids than adults) into cars, we embarked into the realm of “Space Swearing”. Profanities that only real space cadets would utter when they fall into the realisation that their mission is destined for failure.
The feeling of impending doom that awaits them.
The vision of shame as we attempt to erect our space camp within an unforgivable galactic universe of festival professionals.

Can you tell we were apprehensive about this whole mission?!

But there was no turning back, 5-4-3-2-1… we have lift off! 

And while the worlds first moon landing in 1969 was probably easier to orchestrate, together, as 5 adults we launched our jet rocket with all kids and space apparatus in tow. Quickly, memories of preparing for take off were in the past and as we blasted off into the abyss thinking of Major Tom to Ground Control and the soft, gentle moves of a spaceman enjoying zero gravity for the first time, we were on top of the world! 

We land at Camp Bestival and the excitement quickly turns to EUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM… because we are faced with the biggest hill I have ever seen, and it looks like a meteorite shower of crying kids and screaming parents… holy shit what have we let ourselves in for?!

But, in true British spirit, we took a deep breath, we loaded the kids up until their legs nearly buckled beneath them, we resorted back to “Space Swearing” and we dug deep, thinking nothing except for ice cold beers the second we get all this crap up to our launch pad. After numerous trips back and down, down and back… we are set up, we are sitting making new friends with the other alien beings around us (some new to this festival malarkey and some absolute naturals) and within seconds, it strikes us… we have travelled through a galactic explosion of madness to get here, but we’ve landed.

And then this moment – this very moment right here, right now, sat in our camp, with twinkling fairy lights, the light smoke from the BBQ wafting scents of scrumminess among the masses, the kids playing with Diablo’s and chasing bubbles, hearing laughter, the baby asleep in the cot, the teenagers playing cards, listening to fat boy slim under the stars and a couple of drinks on ice, with the very best of friends and family – this is where all that stress before literally melts away. This is festival life.

The next morning we wake up bright and early to a magnificent galactic explosion that is Camp Bestival. It’s a feast for the eyes, a shake up for the senses, it’s a kids fantasy world filled with intriguing and exciting sights and experiences. It’s a parents dream of colour and sounds to heal the soul. It’s like nothing I’ve ever thought would be possible; merging banging music, chilled out vibes, kiddy fun and families young, old and all that in between absolutely loving it – together!

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat – that’s how you roll for the weekend, no exceptions! After all you’re at the biggest family friendly festival on the planet… and there is so much to see.

This years theme (obviously) is the cosmic world of space, however Camp Bestival revolves around seven key areas regardless of the theme for the year.

There’s the Lower Kids Garden is a kids area to get your creative juices flowing. An area where their imagination can run wild with art and craft activities, as well as a dedicated area for those into their science experiments and crazy silly (also educational) science shows. You can feel safe in the knowledge that everything you need for kids is here; face painting, fancy dress, make overs… and home of the world renowned Pimp Your Trolley competition!

If you have under 5’s this is probably where you’ll spend most of your time! In the soft play area. 

, the Upper Kids Garden

, Dingly Dell

, Slow Motion

, The Magic Meadow, 

The Castle Field 

and an area specifically designed for teenagers to go and chill, The Den.

So in short, the blast off to our first festival with the kids was a success, you can check out our photo gallery here. We totally nailed it and we all had a blast so we were thrilled when Camp Bestival asked us back to form their official press entourage when their 2018 event set sail.