Monty The Motorhome, Dorset

Monty The Motorhome is a unique and beautifully restored vintage van covered in grass. It’s exceptionally quirky, and the kids were in awe as we walked up the hill to our new home for the next week.

When you arrive, there is a car park away from the accommodation. Despite this, the owners supply trolleys to bring luggage up to where you’re staying. This is a great idea and having the car park away from where you are staying is fab, as it makes you feel like you’re at one with nature.

The outside of the accommodation is obviously incredible. It’s certainly right up our street as we love anything weird and wonderful! This ticks all those boxes.
The decking area is a little sun trap in the morning, and the cover on the other half is perfect for sitting out but being sheltered if you require a bit of shade. We enjoyed breakfasts, lunches and dinners here to make the most of the gorgeous British weather.
I would sit playing board games with the older two in the evenings, and Austyn would be playing with his toys on a picnic blanket with his bubble machine on the other side of the decking. It honestly was idyllic.

A really memorable part of our trip was the sunsets behind Monty. They were utterly stunning. The sky turned the most beautiful shades of pink and orange, and we often sat and watched the sun go down before lighting a little fire in the fire pit to toast marshmallows.
During our times looking out across the field, we often saw huge birds of prey. They were massive! I have no idea what they were, but seeing them soaring literally above us was incredible.

I’m not one to complain about it being too hot in the UK. I lap up every sunny day because they are so few and far between, but I must admit, I was concerned about how hot Monty The Motorhome would get throughout the day. However, on the hottest day of the year, the motorhome was surprisingly cool. One evening the temperature dropped quite severely, but the van remained warm and snuggly.

Inside Monty The Motorhome, it’s tastefully decorated. It really makes the most of storage due to the layout and cleverly designed kitchen. For the 4 of us, there was ample space for all our bits and pieces.
The beds are comfortable, and the lighting makes it cosy when you’re chilling out in the evening with a glass of wine and a good book. Even if the kids are asleep, there’s enough light for those who are still awake but dim enough to not disturb the little ones.

I easily cooked for a family of 4 on the small gas stove in the kitchen and utilised the greatly appreciated BBQ on the warmer evenings when Josh would take over at mealtimes.
Not that we used it, but the stone raclette is an excellent idea if the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor cooking.

Obviously, Monty doesn’t have shower or toilet facilities in the vehicle; there just isn’t enough space. However, the toilets and showers nearby were spotlessly clean and although just a wooden enclosure, they were absolutely fine.

We often went for a walk around the site after dinner, and the kids enjoyed the rope swings amidst the trees. The lighting in and amongst the woodland makes it really quaint and almost whimsical; the area truly is enchanting. The camping chill out area was also great for letting the kids go wild and getting them away from screens for a few days.

But one of our favourites was the marquee with table tennis and a football table. This was a great addition to the setting – we ended up having morning and evening tournaments daily. It certainly got quite competitive and enabled us to hang out with some other families so the kids could make friends and take the pressure off of my solo parenting.

As well as Monty The Motorhome, you can also stay in Jabba The Hut, Bertie The Double-Decker Bus, The Floating Treehouse Sphere and Dan The Van. Lucy and Ben also offer campervan spaces and tent pitches. There’s something for everyone here, and we will definitely be returning.