The Corrugated Cottage, Baltonsborough

The boys have been learning about the War at school, so what better reason to stay in a Corrugated Cottage just outside Glastonbury in a beautiful place called Baltonsborough.
The corrugated cottage was built in the spring of 1940 around the beginning of the Second World War when Britain felt under imminent threat of invasion. The cabin was for the Women’s Land Army (Land Girls) who were young women working on local farms in agriculture to help the war effort. More than a third of Land Girls came from major cities, so many rural accommodations had to be built, this is one of them, and this is one of the reasons I fell in love with it. My Nan was one of the courageous Land Girls.

We stayed with Michael and Mary in another of their stunningly quirky properties in Bellac, France… Simply amazing if you’re looking for a truly fantastic place to stay.

We saw the cottage in Somerset on Airbnb shortly after booking our Bellac holiday, and the kids instantly wanted to stay for the whole year. However, that wasn’t possible due to work commitments, so we opted for 4 days and what a mistake we made, they were right, we should have stayed longer! The attention to detail is incredible, recreated in the style of the 1940s with authentic details such as forties enamelled range with back boiler, forties utility furniture and Bakelite switches and plugs. The kitchen includes an original fifties sink, larder and fridge with a modern electric hob and microwave for comfort but cleverly disguised to fit in with the decor.
In the bathroom is a claw-foot roll-top bath and toilet with an overhead cistern.
There’s a record player and a selection of LPs from the era which we all loved to listen to in the evenings, as we settled down for a board game or a game of cards after putting the baby to bed.
The family time we shared is nothing short of a miracle (with an Autistic elder son, a middle crazed hyper son and a 5-month-old) but this was one of the best UK breaks we have ever had together and not one single row between us.

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The Corrugated Cottage is situated next to the owner’s property. However, it is totally separate with its own large garden area plus access to say “hello” to the lovely piggies in the morning. The garden includes tables and chairs for alfresco dining while enjoying stunning views, plus an Anderson shelter which the kids used as their hideaway den.

We had such a wonderful time here, and the “no-screens” break made it perfect for a bit of family bonding. The kids didn’t moan about not having an Xbox, an iPad or a laptop and although we had access to Wifi at Corrugated Cottage, we hardly used it other than to get directions for our next adventure. Whether that was checking out the caves at Wookey Hole or enjoying the day on the beach in Lyme Regis. The best bit after all our experiences though? It was coming back here, to our cottage that was full of character and also full of surprises.