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Why Your Kids Really DO Need To Look After Their Teeth

Why is it that kids will do anything to get out of brushing their teeth? What is so terrible about 4 minutes of brushing in 24 hours? That equates to 1,440 minutes of opportunity a day for a mere 240 seconds of cleanliness?! We have tried every type of bribery, every reward chart, but still, they say they’ve brushed, and they haven’t. I don’t know HOW they walk out that front door to go to school with morning breath – I just couldn’t do it. From a young age, we have instilled dental hygiene. However, this is fine up until about 4-years-old, and then it all goes Pete Tong.

Despite this, I now have the perfect way to encourage your child to brush their teeth! It’s foolproof. Is it a special toothpaste? No. Is it a special toothbrush? Nope.
The answer: Let. Their. Teeth. Fall. Out. Or in this situation, yanked out! I’m pretty sure it will make them think twice about skipping a little brush here and there.

Josh has a real thing about brushing his teeth, not only because he’s a kid who does what every other kid does and refuses to brush, but because he cannot stand toothpaste. He can only have one type and one type only and he will only have it in one size, the 75ml tube – the joys that Autism brings?!

But I don’t think he ever thought this would happen.

Due to avoiding brushing his teeth, and even when he did, he wouldn’t do it properly, he started to get a painful zap shooting through his gum every time he had water with ice. Of course, there was nothing we could do because he will only have Aqua Fresh, Fresh and Minty as opposed to a sensitive toothpaste, so we just had to hope it would go away. It didn’t. In fact, it developed into a full-blown toothache that kept him up most of the night, which resulted in an emergency trip to the dentist the following morning. After taking one look, he confirmed the tooth had rotted through the middle with the enamel on the outside being fragile. The remedy? Extraction. Extraction of his molar – you know the one right at the back – the one with the most significant root? Yup, that one.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 16.00.46

After three injections in his gum and a lot of flinching, the dentist dives in with the dribble hoover (no idea what it’s technical name is) plus giant pliers and instructs Josh to open up wider – which I’m pretty sure isn’t possible.
The dentist then proceeds to push the gum sitting around the tooth as far down as possible – this loosens it slightly apparently – even sat relatively far away I can hear his jaw and/or gum clicking.
The dentist then physically moves and twists the tooth with the pliers while rocking the tooth backwards and forwards to release the roots. Josh now has sweat pouring from him and is gripping the chair like his life depends on it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 15.04.52Again, the gum is forced further down towards the bone followed by more rocking, but this time, it’s quite apparent he is forcing down and then tugging upwards to get the thing out because the dental hygienist is holding Josh’s head against the cushioned chair.
A few minutes pass (which must feel like an eternity to Josh) and CRUNCH CRACK POP – I actually hear his tooth come out!!!!!
And it’s the biggest thing I have ever seen. I have NEVER seen a tooth with roots like that!

So there it is tiddlywinks. Brush your teeth or the man in the white coat will come and yank them out with pliers. That’s after he’s stabbed you a few times in the gum with a huge needle.

Sweet dreams. Kiss Kiss.

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