Part 4: An Unexpected Journey At 7 Weeks Pregnant

Screw the hype of The Hobbit, the roller coaster of emotions we have just been on really has been “An Unexpected Journey” of a lifetime, but now everything seems to be coming together. Fingers crossed.

After speaking with BAT (Burgess Autistic Trust) we decided that the boys needed to know our potential pending arrival sooner rather than later, so we planned an early family meal with lots of time for talking, questions and maybe even a breakdown from Josh.

For some people, this is a big no-no; announcing a pregnancy before the 3-month mark. Yet, for others announcing the possibility of welcoming a little person into the world is too exciting to hold in. It’s a personal preference. Of course, as soon as the kids knew, EVERYONE knew because it spread around the playground like wildfire so standing outside the school I was greeted by unsavoury glances and equal measures of gushing, happy good wishes and that SUPER ANNOYING tummy stroking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With all three of our pregnancies, we have announced them from the start because we want family and friends to share our journey and understand the ups and downs. Plus, should the worse happen, we know we have a support network around us who can be there for those hugs we would so desperately need.

At our family meal where we told the kids, instead of the angry, upset outbursts we were expecting, Finn cried tears of happiness. He loves baby’s and has always wanted to have a younger brother, the only problem was, he didn’t quite realise that there is a chance we could have a girl. His response? “I’m calling it Desmond. I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy, it’s named Desmond, and we will play football.”

Josh was more concerned about other pressing matters. “Have you actually thought this through? You do realise we have wooden flooring in the lounge? There’s no carpet in there. The kitchen floor is solid stone. There are hazards everywhere. I mean what about holidays? Planes only have 3 seats in the middle – how will seating arrangements work?” That’s our quirky chap we know and love.

We ended up laughing and talking about how life may change if nature allows, and it ended up being a memorable evening for all of us.  We finished our chat snuggled up on the sofa watching The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey… How ironic.

Already in just 3 weeks, my body is starting to bulge in places it wasn’t before, and there are lots of fizzes and bubbles going on in my belly. However, this time, I can confirm it isn’t all gas!

By Week 7 your baby is now the size of a blueberry apparently.

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