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Part 9: 6 Medical Conditions That Greeted Me Towards The End Of My Pregnancy

The belly is multiplying now, but thankfully the back pain has eased, so it is only the pelvic pain to worry about.  It is technically known as Pelvic Girdle Pain, and you do not need to just endure it, you can make the pain a little more bearable by 1. taking comfort in the knowledge that your little one is happy and content (so I am told by my midwife) and 2. by bopping around on one of those fitness balls.
After seeing a physiotherapist, I’ve been advised to stretch and exercise my pelvis at least 6 times a day – wherever I am, including in the busy local country pub after waddling/walking the dog while hubby has a healing Guinness.

The downside of PGP is that when you are walking like John Wayne, your bones can physically be heard grinding, and seeing as you’re groaning as you sit down, you then need to explain to those you are with, “Sorry about that I have ‘Girdle Pain'”?! 

Pelvic Girdle Pain?! Really…! who came up with that terminology!! Are we in the 18th century..? Apparently, according to the experts, PGP is often seen in multiple pregnancies due to your body being relaxed about its job of expanding and growing; I have been told it’s shared with “larger” bumps… I wouldn’t say my bump is significant for 6 1/2 months…? Is it???
IMG_4575That’s the thing you see, everyone compares themselves to each other with pregnancy and babies. You can see Mums-to-be checking out the different bumps. Looking soon-to-be mama’s up and down, and assessing them in comparison to how they look and feel; don’t say you didn’t do it!

And generally, it’s not to admire either; it’s to judge or state that another person looked better, or “carried well” than another lady who resembled a swollen blob.
What IS normal, what’s not? It’s a never-ending comparison. Be happy with the beautiful bump you have ladies. Be grateful for the little squidge you can have and be aware of those that aren’t as fortunate as you. Sisterhood is where it’s at.

On a less serious note, the other thing I rapidly realised is that when you are pregnant, you simply must be politically correct at all times. I hate this PC world we live in, so as October approached, I decided to embrace the pregnancy stage and create a unique Halloween outfit… It had mixed reactions. Personally, I was pleased with the outcome. Hehe! Chill out, people. It’s all in the name of FUN.

Despite the excitement of Halloween and scaring a few kids throughout the night, with an authentic dragging of my leg courtest of PGP, we came back to reality with a BANG, and I end up on a drip from severely low iron.

I took supplements for the first three months. However, I decided against this when I chose to eat healthily and ensure that I had all the nutritional values a little squidge requires. I was told this was fine to do, alas, it wasn’t ok as my iron levels plummeted to way below acceptable.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling fatigued again. Not just sleepy tired, but exhausted, ratty mood swings and eyes shutting at inappropriate times of the day kind of tired.
It then starts to extend to shortness of breath and severe indigestion to the point where I am unable to sleep. I have had these symptoms for weeks now but assume this is my bodies way of saying that I am no longer a spring chicken and I’m carrying a rather large baby. However, that was not the case. A recent well-being scan confirmed that our little man is 5lb 4oz (with a heck of a lot of growing to do, as he is really quite tiny for his gestation). Plus, he’s also back to back and is not getting enough oxygen.  I now have two weeks to improve my levels and my health or I will be unable to have him in the labour suite at PRUH.

Furthermore, I may require a caesarean. I said pregnancy is scary. Now I know how that little girl felt when I opened the door at Halloween… Karma is a bitch.

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