Baba Sling is a baby carrier that’s a little bit different from everything else on the high street; Most importantly, it is super soft. Every other sling we have tried is quite rigid and if comfortable for baby, uncomfortable for the baby wearer or of course, vice versa. Austyn loves being in it whether asleep or awake and it’s really comfortable to wear.

At the first time of using this, I was breastfeeding so it worked perfectly for me and equally when separation anxiety came in, again the Baba Sling helped us out. Also, when tired toddler legs kick in, the Baba Sling is perfect. It’s such a great all-rounder for keeping them close with the added bonus of your arms moving freely.

When we travelled to Sardinia (you can check out our holiday review here) we decided to hop along to a woodland trek in the mountains. Of course, you can’t take a buggy. You certainly cannot allow a 10-month-old to toddle around when they’ve only been on their feet for 6 weeks. Especially as there are sheer drops all around you, the Baba Sling is an absolute necessity. Not only is it practical, but it’s also really lightweight and compact so it can easily fit in your suitcase, or in your backpack if you are out for the day.
We trekked, we climbed, we investigated war bunkers, we grappled rocks to get the best view across the ocean, and we did this all with a 10-month old strapped to our chest standing on the edge of a cliff for a selfie. It was utterly liberating and so lovely to be able to share all this from the age of 10-months to 34 years, a family all together.

The Baba Sling can be used from newborn all the way through to beyond three years of age. If you can wear your baby, Baba Slings will support you and make you look good doing it!


Firstly, as soon as you unpackage this item, you will notice how versatile it is. Secondly, the simplicity of putting it on and taking it off; there aren’t hundreds of complicated adjustable straps or large plastic buckles that dig into you. Thirdly, it is one size and fully flexible, which means you can both stay comfortable throughout the day, even if you decide to switch shoulders. Finally, and most importantly, the unique design aids the healthy development of baby’s hips and spine.

The most impressive thing about this product is that both Mum and Dad can wear it without having to spend half an hour adjusting to their exact body type. Plus, what’s not to love about babywearing?!


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