The lovely people over at Bibetta sent us three of their bibs to try out. The Dribble Bib, the Ultra Bib and the Ultra Bib with sleeves.

The first thing to note about Bibetta is the unique fabric they use. The concept derived from the founder, Paul and his love of surfing. As a result, after becoming a parent, and not being able to find suitable bibs for his little dribbler – Bibetta was born featuring the very same fabric wetsuits are made from!

Both the Ultra Bib with and without sleeves is excellent. When Austyn was younger, we stuck to the sleeveless version, but now that he is exploring food and beginning to feed himself, the sleeved version is our go-to bib now. It acts as a complete coverall which works perfectly when Spaghetti Bolognese is on the menu.

The good thing about these bibs is they can be rinsed under hot water. Simply splurge on a bit of washing up liquid, rub the fabric together and hey presto, it’s clean. They’re also quick drying. Of course, instead of rinsing them under the tap, the bibs can also be machine washed and tumble dried.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 13.14.30
Wetsuits are made out of neoprene. A naturally waterproof, extremely stretchy fabric that is super-soft yet ultra-tough and durable. Consequently, the curved design of these products and the unique material make the bibs perfect for feeding and weaning.

Austyn HATES bibs, but due to the stretchy fabric, he doesn’t even try to pull these off. He also loves retrieving his dropped food from the little pouch, and I love not having to mop the entire floor after every mealtime!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 13.14.48

The Dribble Bib, (although not made from the same neoprene fabric), is manufactured from super-fine microfiber towel and is highly absorbent. The velcro is durable without being too scratchy on delicate little skin, and the bandana style with pleats around the neck means it fits around his chubby cheeks. It absorbs his dribble effortlessly which is a big plus for us, as he is a real dribbler now his teeth are coming through.

We love Bibetta, not only because their baby and toddler products are great, but because Paul and Fiona are genuinely fantastic people. After developing Bibetta and winning numerous awards, they then went on to create a sister website, Care Designs, suitable for the elderly and those with disabilities. Care Designs offer versatile and stylish products that are both modern and practical. Furthermore, the designs make everyday life easier and more relaxing. 

We thoroughly recommend you check these guys out.

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