The kids and I love a burger, it drives Beard MAD! We could drive to a restaurant that is famous for Pies (in fact we have, check out our blog post) and we would still choose a burger. Weird then, that we had never been to Byron before and I’ve no idea why seeing as we are such big fans.

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For a few years our friends have been meeting up every December for a get-together meal, and it’s great having everyone together, kids and all. Last year we had an impressive turn out of 20 people and going for a Christmas Byron was a great idea – probably not for anyone sat next to 20 people, a load of buggy’s, blokes downing shots of whisky and flowing Prosecco, but we all had a great time.

So the staff at Byron are dealing with a table of 20 people, plus the rest of the restaurant. Loads of things are going to go wrong aren’t they? People are going to get wrong burgers, the wrong side dishes, someone is going to be missed out? Drinks are going to dry up. Nope.

The only thing we had was two extra burgers that weren’t ordered, so they let us have them for free. The problem was, we were all so full, no one could enjoy them. Instead, Finn asked for them to be wrapped up and after our meal, we all went on a hunt to find a couple of homeless people to give them to and wish them a Merry Christmas. Finn has a big heart like that. On the other hand, Josh does not. He told his brother to not touch homeless people, or they could give him leprosy.

The 20 of us searched and searched but couldn’t find anyone, so Buddy went for a wander with him, again no one was around. Instead, we stopped at a watering hole to gather our thoughts, and have another drink, of course.
Just then a man approached us and asked for some change stating that he was homeless and needed to buy food. Perfect we thought, so Bons fetched Finn to do his good deed; sadly the homeless man in question did not find this gesture of goodwill to his requirements and said: “I don’t F-ing want that, I wanna buy more booze, you F-ing idiots!” Poor Finn was distraught, but alas on the walk home we did find someone who was extremely appreciative. The gentleman told us that he had never had a Byron Christmas burger before and what a kind little boy he was. He hoped he got all he wanted from Father Christmas and then to Josh’s dismay, he squeezed his hand to thank him. Within moments Josh was over with his anti-bacterial hand wash.

I digress, going back to Byron, the burgers were monsters! Absolutely huge! The menu is equally pretty big bearing in mind your choice is a burger, or a burger or maybe you’d like a burger…? But each one is unique in its own right in terms of toppings and sauces… but whatever you do, don’t order extra sauce or you’ll be charged a small fortune for a tiny pot! The problem is, they’re so tasty, it’ll be hard not to.

The kid’s menu is a corker – it’s around £7 for a main, a side and a drink – another £2 for a dessert but the portion sizes are large, so we starved our motley crew before going to get our moneys worth! Overall Byron was a great place to catch up with friends and the staff dealt with our large party seamlessly. Would definitely recommend for a get together or a family meal – you can never go wrong with a burger.

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