Chimichanga is the kind of place I used to look at and think “who goes in there?” I mean, picture a Chimichanga restaurant and then think about who they’re aiming those restaurants at. Who is their clientele?
I genuinely had no idea. Middle-aged people? Probably not. Older people? Maybe. Students? Potentially. Families? I can’t imagine all families like Mexican, do they? And what does the Tex in Mex mean??

Prior to even stepping foot in the restaurant, I had flutterings of utter confusion batting around in my fluffy cloud of a brain, toying with ideas of what to expect and who else was going to be in there. The most important blind date with food ever was on the horizon.
Obviously I knew it was going to be Tex-Mex because it says that’s the style of food. But what the bloody nora is Tex-Mex?!

Well let me educate you incase you’re as confused as a baby racoon like me; Tex-Mex is a fusion of stereotypical Texan dishes which is categorised by the heavy use of grated cheese, minced beef and pork to traditional Mexican cuisine which includes ingredients like corn, beans, avocados, sweet potato and chilli pepper.

“Tex-Mex” actually created the crunchy taco, traditional Mexican taco’s are usually soft. Spanish immigrants to Texas also went on to introduce cumin to the original central Mexican recipes so it’s a fusion of both styles of cooking and flavours native to its origins.
To summarise, it’s an American twist on something tasty from Mexico.

On a positive, friendly teenage staff greeted and showed us to our table. Sadly, that table was utterly inappropriate for a buggy and in an area that you couldn’t swing a cat. Of course, as soon as the staff realised this, they moved us to a lovely table in a booth with lots of room.
The kid’s menu is excellent value at £6.50 for starter, main and dessert; the portion sizes are perfect for a hungry 11-year-old who usually finds the kids meals in other restaurants a tad too small. He actually couldn’t finish his main.
Beard and I went for the Tapas style sharers that were absolutely delicious and again the portions were a lot more than expected for the price. It’s excellent value for money and there are always lots of offers you can get your hands on.

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The boys especially liked it here. Consequently, the Mexican hats that they wore throughout the meal seemed to be a significant perk to them (it’s the little things isn’t it?), the moustaches in the kids pack made for an entertaining family meal, and the lively music even entertained Beard. Team all of that with the extremely friendly staff who had constant banter with the kids, engaged with Austyn each time they came past our table and made our dinner a thoroughly entertaining evening.

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