Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow

I was scrolling through the pages of the Mothercare website on the search for a solution to my aching back at bedtime when PING, an email for me to check out the fantastic Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow (£47.99).

The main thing that drew me to the product was all of the awards visible on the packaging. Most importantly, because we love a prize. However, personally, I believe that awards should only be given to the best companies, so this item MUST be good.

To be honest, the Pregnancy Pillow could have been any price. Most importantly, the way I was feeling, with little to no sleep, and a back that felt broken, I would have paid anything to try something that claims miracles.

When getting back to the office, I immediately wanted to see if I could use it while sitting at my desk (rather than laying in bed) however, I must admit I think I had a spot of baby brain as it took me 10 minutes to work out how to get the pillowcase onto the pillow itself. For me, it was rather cumbersome, but once you have the knack, you’ll be fine.

The pillow worked a treat while sitting in an office chair. I simply curled it around the base of my spine, and it gave a little bit of extra support. The pillow also worked in the exact same way when chilling on the sofa. But the most fantastic thing is, for the first time in 3 weeks, I slept all night soundly, and I woke up, still a tad stiff but a lot better than what I had done previously.

The Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow was really versatile whether I was on my left side, right side, lying on my belly or on my back. Honestly, every position my weird contortionist body threw at it, it made the position comfortable.
The primary use of the pillow is for when sporting a proper bump however this has already provided significant improvement when working & sleeping, and is something I can use throughout my whole pregnancy and beyond, so I’m really quite impressed.

Thank you Dream Genii for your fantastic Pregnancy Pillow that has made my first trimester. I am certainly looking forward to using your Breast Feeding Pillow soon.

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