Fortis Eyewear

We used to go fishing a lot prior to having children. Regularly chilling by the bank with a BBQ and a beer and then the sprogs came along entangling themselves in the lines, setting off bite alarms, falling in the lake – you know the normal stuff kids like to do to irritate you. Snatching your free time and hobbies and promptly destroying them 😉

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Now Big Quack and Little Quack are that little bit older, they can actually get involved so when, on the rare occasion, we manage to get Baby Moo looked after and grab a few hours fishing the whole family rock out donning our Fortis Sunglasses.

Fortis started with a range of polarised sunglasses that enable you to see into the water, through the glare and get a good look at what you’re fishing for with far more clarity. For years Beard has been battling the reflected light from the lake but now, thanks to Fortis and their super clever filters on the lens, it’s all a thing of the past.

The company has been going for a while now and naturally with such a forward thinking range to launch with, you’ve got to follow up with products that still hold that WOW factor and again, Fortis haven’t disappointed, from binoculars to tee shirts, hats to sleeping bags, they’ve got it all covered so if the man in your life (or you of course) loves fishing, head on over to Fortis you wont be disappointed.

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