Hungry Horse

“Hungry Horse | Big Value Pub Family Favourites.”

Hungry Horse is for hungry families with a large appetite and a small budget. We don’t have one locally to us, but we went to review one close to Herne Bay and what an experience that was.

The garden area is great – there is plenty of space for kids to run around on the grass, there’s a fab play area, and there are plenty of benches for Al Fresco dining. There are also an abundance of wasps everywhere you look because food is left to sit for goodness knows how long before someone turns up looking miserable to clear the table. We literally ran inside on a beautiful June late afternoon through fear of turning into Glimmer from The Hunger Games

An hour passes after our near-death experience, and our food still isn’t here. One bottle of wine between the three of us done, the children climbing the walls from the insatiable noise from the screaming kids and foul-mouthed parents attempting to “parent” them.
Scared for my life, I attract a waitresses attention who dismisses anything I have to say because “Look luv, I deal wiv tables from fourrr ta tweneee too and you are on table fiftee free. Speak to a manajar”. So I speak to a manajar AKA manager to be told that my order wasn’t even placed. That there is nothing on the system and do I have proof of my purchase.
Obviously, I do, and the waitress who doesn’t deal with numbers below 4 or above 22 takes the order.

Another 40 minutes pass. No food. I contact the only teenage waitress walking the green mile of hell currently, and she agrees that service is “particularly slow this evening” and will check with the “cooker” to see what is going on – I think she means chef unless there is a talking oven in the kitchen.
The manager comes back to profusely apologise, but yet again, our order hasn’t been put through the till. At this point, Austyn wakes up screaming. He wants his milk and the joyous staff refuse to heat his bottle. Then our meal turns up. Cold.
I’m pretty sure it was dog food. I can’t be sure. But we left that place as quick as we could and got a lovely Chinese take away in the comfort of Mums cosy bungalow.

***I’ve saved you the nightmares of any photographic evidence due to health reasons***

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