Mudd Sea Mask

The pregnancy hormones are raging, and my skin IS NOT happy; I have breakouts everywhere, not just my T-zone as I do around “that time of the month” but everywhere. I feel like a teenager again.
Despite the unsightly blemishes, luckily, it is not sore or blotchy as my skin can sometimes be when I’m run down. Therefore I figure I should get a face mask on before it gets any worse.

Mudd recommends their Sea Mask as hydrating, absorbing excess oil (a common problem in the early stages of pregnancy) and doesn’t contain Lanolin which can sometimes cause sensitive skin to become irritated.
The first thing I love about this product is the price – it ranges from £1.00 (on special offer in Sainsbury’s) to £2.29 (Boots).
I think the price is fantastic, considering you can get up to 4 applications depending on how thick you put on the mask.

The cream smells quite pleasant. However, I wouldn’t say it’s something I would like to smell all day, but it has that spa at home smell that just adds something unique to the ‘you time’ you have set aside to chill. As well as look like a total moron when the postman knocks to deliver a parcel, and you answer the door looking like the Incredible Hulk.

The mask is nice and thick without being gooey, and the application is easy to apply with a smooth consistency. So far, I am immensely impressed and instantly think this product will become part of my weekly beauty regime.

But then the burning starts, and my eyes began tearing ever so slightly. It wasn’t horrendous pain, but it was somewhat uncomfortable while I was applying it. The burning subsided and was replaced by a warming sensation that made me feel as if it was doing something beneficial to that nasty complexion I’ve currently got. Moreover, I sat there happily, hoping for the best and then…
BAMM!! Areas of the mask started to dry after approximately 10 minutes, and within seconds, that dry area was REALLY itchy. As my Nan says, “itching is a sign it’s healing”, so I persevered with the annoying feeling while the area under my eyes felt to be getting hotter by the second.

As you can see from the image above, I didn’t apply the mask unusually thick nor go to the highly delicate area around the eyes (as recommended in the instructions).

Yet after 15 minutes, I removed the mask using a cold cloth, and I could have sworn steam was coming from my face. It hurt to remove, and my eyes suddenly started streaming, as if I had removed my eyeball, squished it into freshly cut red onion and then popped it back into its socket again.

I washed off the mask as quickly and as carefully as possible and was left with red, raw patches under my eyes. Also, my nose felt swollen, and I had puffy cheeks and blotchy skin everywhere. This lasted TWO HOURS, if not more! I had to call a friend to pick the kids up from school as I looked so horrifying!?

I’m not sure that the photo justifies just how red my face was, but if you look closely, you can see the puffiness around my eyes, and my skin should be the same colour as it is around my eyes! You can also see that my pores are enlarged, red, blotchy and almost scaly looking. The following day my face was still very, very sensitive, and I had to avoid using any products at all because my face was stinging. Not to mention, even Aloe Vera Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin was painful on application.

Needless to say, after this experience, I won’t be using the Mudd Sea Mask again. The only positive I can say is thank goodness I didn’t use it before date night with Beard.

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