Caffe Concerto, Kings Road, London

For Beards birthday I bought him tickets to The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism display at The Saatchi gallery, the problem was I didn’t look at the date I booked and we ended up being there one month too early!
Stranded in London with no plans Beard suddenly decided that he was starving and we simply must eat immediately. Usually we would have a scout around and hop on Google Maps but the first place I saw, I noticed he was already in there and being taken to a table, looks like we’re getting brunch in Caffe Concerto then.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.45.33I must admit I’ve always seen Caffe Concerto’s but I’ve avoided going in there because it looks a bit pretentious with it’s mountains of pastries stacked in the window and bone china cups of tea – really not my kind of place. Or so I thought.

Looking at the menu, the first thing that caught my attention was the price. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting and was quite reasonably priced, £8.95 for eggs benedict with smoked salmon is really rather good in my opinion. The portion size was pretty big; Beard inhaled his open ham and cheese sandwich and was very pleased to hear that I couldn’t finish all of mine, so he gobbled that up as well. I’m a bit of an eggs benedict snob but this is possibly the best I’ve ever had. The smoked salmon was ample and sliced very thin just how I like it and the hollandaise sauce was simply to die for!

The place was buzzing, the staff were attentive if not a tad rude but I always expect that in these sorts of establishments and I had no interest in becoming best friends with our waitress so the feeling was mutual.
I was however especially happy when I noticed I could have a cheeky little Prosecco at 11.30am and not feel the slightest bit guilty because when looking around there were some mighty fine looking diva’s in there with the same idea. Beard decided it may be a little bit too early for a bottle of stella…

For years I haven’t ventured into a Caffe Concerto and completely by accident we stumbled upon it and what a great stumble it was. The decor was really lavish with golds and rich reds, wonderful smells of pastries and lavishly decorated cakes surrounding the tables. They even have Live Music Events they hold quite regularly with set menu’s – I reckon that would be a real treat for an evening with chums.

Will definitely be stumbling upon one of these little places again that’s for sure – I just need to maybe try something other than eggs benedict.

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