Royal Arsenal, Call The Medic Day

This is a great place to take the kids as it welcomes all age groups.

We attended with a 10-year-old, a 7-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and all of them had a smashing time and thoroughly enjoyed it; we enjoyed it even more as the prices are excellent value for money, and the gift shop has a vast range of pocket money priced items that aren’t just a load of rubbish, nor do they cost a small fortune.

Another impressive thing – the car park is free! It is however very, very, very small so arrive
early otherwise you could be whacked with a rather expensive NCP car park option… or juggling public transport.
While the car park is a very short distance from the museum, it’s not well signposted. We did a couple of laps before a lovely gentleman assisted us and pointed us in the right direction; without his guidance, we would be well and truly lost as no one has thought about signage which is a bit frustrating when you have bouncy kids wanting to get through the door and see the guns. The particular event we went to was called “Call The Medic” and is one of the museum’s school holiday events (it changes each term). These events range from an army assault training sessions, to bus tours and firearms days; the list is endless, and it is all priced at under £5. Take a look at their website where you can find all information regarding the museum and events. Also, check out their Facebook page which details special tours they have going on – some of these are family events, but there are also some really fab sounding adult tours as well.

After the assault course and training on how to provide assistance to an injured soldier whilst in battle, the troops were sent for training on how to make gun powder (!?!!!) yes really… But with a great twist and lots of funny stories and interesting facts along the way.

On arriving at the museum, the kids were greeted by army soldiers who then created war wounds such as shrapnel explosions across the arm, bullets in the head and knife wounds to the cheek (beautiful)… they loved it of course! They were then escorted to Doctor Jekyll, a World War I medic who will be tending to their wounds and deciding if they will return to the battlefield, rest or be sent home. He gave them some great facts, bandaged them and dressed them in army attire before sending them off to the training arena. As we approached, the army generals arrived and got them in lines, ready to march. It was the cutest thing seeing little tots all the way up to bigger kids walking along while a general boomed GET IN LINE and seeing the older ones assisting the confused younger ones!

Finally, after all the excitement, they were packed off home as war veterans, and we were then able to look around the museum at our leisure.

This is a genuinely FANTASTIC day out for the family, and I do not think we have been somewhere where you get so much for your money. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves – almost as much as the adults. What a great place and very worthy of revisiting time and time again as more new and exciting events are announced.

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