Cara and I have known each other in the nursery industry for around 8 years now, so it’s a privilege to review her fantastic product, Snoozeshade. For the first time ever, instead of just looking at the product, as a business owner, with children who are too old to use it. Now that Austyn is here, I can really put it through its paces.

Of course, if you haven’t heard of Snoozeshade, it is precisely that. A shade that allows little ones to maintain their sleep patterns wherever they may be. For example, there are two varying designs, one for the pushchair and one for the car seat. Both are universal fit to all shapes and sizes of pushchair and car seat – there’s even one available for travel cots which is perfect, if like us, you are avid campers. You can check out our Camping reviews if you fancy… but be sure to take your Snoozeshade along with you too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 13.09.40The concept for Snoozeshade came about when Cara’s daughter Holly started to sit up and take notice of the world, refuse nap time when out and about which would, more often than not, result in a tired, grumpy little madam when it came to meal times. We’ve all been there, haven’t we…?

Personally, our main issue was when we were out at restaurants and wanted to eat without getting heartburn. Panic would rise up over us as our meal was served and those big blue eyes would go BING “wide awake”, and then you knew the meal you were looking forward to was ruined.

Queue evil acid heartburn and a cold dinner.

Well, no more. Snooze away, little cherub, and I will thoroughly enjoy my meal. I was on my own with the three boys, and despite a missed nap, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal without any interruption. Austyn slept soundly, and we actually spoke! Parents speaking to older children!! Having an adult conversation!!! It was so inspiring and the fact that he was content having his nap before having a little play in the evening, a bath, and a last feed before bed. However, guess what? He slept through… and has done ever since.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 14.13.23

The great thing about Snoozeshade products is that you can quickly peek in on your little one to check they’re safe and sound. You can feel rest assured that their calm and comfortable as the fabric is breathable and protects against harmful UV rays, but more importantly, it stops those inquisitive weary eyes from wandering when they should be snoozing. We have always maintained that it’s so essential to establish a routine with little ones from an early age and ensure that an eat, sleep and play method is firmly in place, so they do not feed when tired.  It’s so important they do not play when hungry or are chilling down when they should be enjoying tummy time and relaxing. The Snoozeshade allows you to go about your typical day shopping or socialising and not impacting on your little one’s nap routine. It also doubles up as the perfect way for introducing your child to noise and movement instead of silence in a cot. Snoozeshade really is a lifesaver.

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