The George & The Dragon

Known for having the best pies in the area we ventured here for a lazy late lunch on a sunny Sunday (try saying that fast 5 times over) after going to The Christmas Tree Farm which is just around the corner.
The George and The Dragon is filled with locals of Downe but equally welcomes us from the neighbouring village as opposed to those other establishments where the local drunk leers at you from behind their pint glass until you eventually leave.

The pub is impeccably clean, and the vast specials board which lists an endless amount of pies leaves us staring a little too intently (and salivating) to the point where we realise we are the weird family of 5 blocking the entire exit.
Walking through the pub and out towards the garden, we then manage to be even more annoying and somehow get our iCandy pushchair wedged in the very narrow walkway. With a lot of muttered swearing under his breath, Beard releases said tractor buggy out from the walls and abandons it next to the bar – obviously he takes Austyn out and then abandons just the pushchair, not the child.

The outside area is charming – the owners boast it’s the sunniest garden in Kent due to it being south facing, but there are shady benches nestled by the tree’s if you wanted to get away from the sun – it really is like a little secret garden that is perfect for little people to explore. There’s a bouncy castle (that could have done with a bit more air actually), a baby play area with a tunnel and slide, and a large wooden playhouse all sat on spongy astroturf. The kids were all having a ball!

Josh went for the tempura prawns with chilli sauce. Currently, he’s obsessed with this dish and was delighted to find that they were terrific. Accord to the food critic himself, the batter was crunchy, the chilli sauce had just the right amount of kick, and the watercress salad was also rather lovely. He did say they were a bit smaller than he would expect but he would let them off as they were so tasty. Next course, as usual (we love burgers, check out our other review at Byron here) he went for the burger that looked SUPER tasty and homemade. Finally, pudding arrived – waffle and ice cream, and it’s so large I’m pleased that he couldn’t finish it and I could! That’s one happy (and very full) 12 year old.

The famous pie pub didn’t escape us though – we both went for pies (not burgers), Beard opting for the beef and myself the chicken and we indeed were not disappointed, they came up HUGE and absolutely finger-licking delicious – no wonder everyone sings their praises!
The crust was perfect, the filling perfect, the accompanying veg and potatoes scrummy – Finn should have gone for the pie. Now he’s got food envy.

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