The Ivy Kensington Brasserie, London

What better way to celebrate our parents three birthdays and a wedding anniversary than The Ivy, in Kensington where we really were treated like royalty.
As a table of 12, we were struggling to find somewhere in London to accommodate us while not classing us as requiring a private function room…?! Yes really, and for a £1000 minimum spend on most of these restaurants, that’s just silly!
Feeling downhearted it suddenly dawned on me how much both my Mum and Beards Mum have always said they would love to experience the iconic art deco restaurant, but I didn’t actually think they would have availability at such short notice.
I emailed The Ivy directly to make an enquiry for our booking, and my email pinged back immediately with a reply from a lovely lady called Seta, who confirmed our booking but with some alternatives to make the most of our visit; our table was booked for 3.30pm instead of 1pm (when the restaurant would be at its busiest), and at this time we would benefit from the semi-private table for such a special occasion, and indeed, they were right, it was perfect and really made our experience.

Prior to our arrival we perused the lavish menu options and were surprised to realise that there isn’t actually a childrens menu! Massive faux pas on our account when going along with three children. Contacting The Ivy again I was getting ready to cancel our table and give up all together however another extremely helpful member of staff, Armida, came back to say “I have spoken with the head chef and explained that you have a reservation with us on Saturday and you will be arriving with your three children. Sean has stated that he will gladly prepare your children half portions from the A La Carte menu. Please could you provide me with two options from both the starter, main and dessert for each of the children so the chefs can ensure the produce is prepped and serve a suitable meal on Saturday.”


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Never have I had someone speak to the Executive Head Chef to prep something for my kids when going to a restaurant. That really is premium service!
We provide them with two potential options that Josh and Finn have selected and the following day we received the following email back from Armida, “I am pleased to confirm that our Head Chef will be serving the following order as half portions for your children:
Tempura Prawns with Cucumber & Edamame followed by the Rump Steak, Chips & Egg and finally the Chocolate Bombe
– and –
Seasonal Soup with Sourdough Bread followed by the Steak Burger & Chips, and finally, Chef is happy to prepare a homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Shortbread.”

When telling a friend we were going to The Ivy, I remember her horrified look when I stated that we were taking the two boys and the baby… and how she guaranteed they’d eat nothing from the menu, and we would end up in Zizzi’s, how very wrong.
I couldn’t recommend The Ivy enough. The staff were fantastic with the kids, and they absolutely loved their meals, they were a perfect size, and at half the price it was so worth every penny and excellent value for money.

The food was utterly exceptional. The Gavi wine was perfectly chilled, and our parents (as did we) totally fell in love with the decor. It’s full of character and timeless sophistication from the golds and the white, the creams and the black teamed perfectly with the unforgettable Ivy Green signature colour. Everything just exudes luxury.
Was it expensive? Jeez yes, the most expensive meal I’ve ever had but then when you’re paying for 12 people as a treat, it’s bound to be, isn’t it?
It’s also somewhere you just have to go, even only once. Then you’ll want to go back again and again and again. Going to The Ivy now makes you a part of its history forever. Take the kids – don your sunglasses and eat lunch al fresco – be Kate Moss for the day.


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