Tum Tum

We were introduced to Tum Tum products by a family friend a few years ago, and although my boys were a lot older than the age these products are aimed at, my eldest son Josh (who has high functioning autism and really enjoys cooking) simply LOVES it!

We were gifted the utensil and baking set. Controversially, some of the reviews on Amazon stated that these products were expensive. However, we are used to Pampered Chef, Le Creuset and Jamie Oliver prices for cooking items, so in my opinion, I think the products are priced appropriately. Primarily, when looking at homeware, we should stop looking at the price entirely. In other words, start focusing on the quality, manufacture and brand ethos. Naturally, I think many would then realise they are worth the money.

The bowl is great because of the rubber lid that is nice and easy to take off, yet forms an airtight seal. It stores all the other equipment neatly and also doubles up as a lid for anything you need to leave to marinade or rest. Likewise, even as a storage jar for post-cooking.

We had been looking for utensils for Josh that stand up for a while now, but the only ones we could find were by Joseph Joseph, and they just aren’t practical or functional for little hands. Plus, everyday wear and tear with kids getting their mitts on them equally isn’t particularly reasonable!

The soft silicone material is great to avoid that teeth chattering scraping noise that kids always manage to achieve when baking in the kitchen.

How do they do that?!

Tum Tum does an extensive range of items for little ones ranging from cups, placemats and lunch boxes, all the way through to the baking sets we tried out. The quality is outstanding. Furthermore, it’s dishwasher safe, which is a massive hit in our house (on eco-wash of course) and the best bit, the products are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. See, I told you you get what you pay for.

We really recommend Tum Tum, not only for their top quality products but as a company they really are friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to trying out the rest of their range when Austyn makes an appearance, and we start weaning… I can see us using these products for years, not only with Josh and Finn but also those first baking stages with our new arrival.

Congratulations Tum Tum we really think you are a brand to celebrate and thank you for sharing your products with us!!!

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