Heard of Thomasina Myers? No. Well, Tommi won Masterchef back in 2005 and around 2011 when her daughter Tatyana was born, we shared something in common, my clothing company, Dribble Bubbs. Years later, my family share that same love for her restaurants, Wahaca, Mexican Street Food with a magnificent difference.

I’ve been to quite a few of the Wahaca restaurants over the years, and I’ve never been disappointed, but I’ve never actually taken the kids to one before, and honestly, I’ve no idea why, so whilst shopping in Bluewater we rock up to what Finn describes as the most relaxed restaurants in Bluewater.

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Primarily, I think this may have been to do with the football table out the front, the truck you could have your meal in inside the restaurant and the free chilli seeds that Finn decided to get pockets of – thanks Tommi, we now have enough chilli plants to share amongst our entire street! Seriously though, they’re super easy to grow, the kids love growing them, they’re punchy and tasty plus it’s great to bring a little bit of Mexico home with you.
So that’s the big ones happy but what about Austyn? Well he was kept more than entertained with the tons of books available to borrow while you dine, the impressive decor that kept him mesmerised and the immaculately clean high chairs kept me happy. My pet hate is sticky, grubby highchairs – you won’t get that here.

So, I’m going to be honest, Wahaca isn’t what you’re used to, Wahaca isn’t the Mexican food you’re thinking of that is stodgy, sticky, soggy and greasy… it’s far from that, so the kids took a little bit of getting used to delicious, nutritious, really balanced Mexican food that has much better depth of flavour than your standard Chilli Con Carne. You can check out the kids menu here.
Josh went for grilled steak tacos with lettuce, cheese, guacamole, tortilla chip dippers and salsa served with crunchy veg sticks – he loved it, and it looked great, but it’s different to what we are used to as “Mexican” – the tacos are actually “make your own wraps”, not crunchy taco’s like Old El Paso but actually, this is how Mexican should be.

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Finn opted for the grilled chicken and cheese quesadilla with guacamole, tortilla chip dippers and salsa with crunchy veg. In his opinion these were “banging” however, as my kids always do, they love to offer some positive criticism which is “there should be Burritos on the kids menu because although Tacos basically are them, we like to make our own wraps. They shouldn’t be pre-made. You can only get a burrito as “bigger food” not in the street food section. “Which is a shame.” Claims Finn.
Drink options? My boys do not drink fizzy drinks or squash, only water, but Wahaca even balance healthy drink options, Orange Fizz = orange with fizzy water. Thumbs up from us! Who has Coca Cola on a kids menu anyway FFS!
Dessert options? Still tons of tasty things but I just LOVE that there is no chocolate on the kid’s ice cream menu and you get a Babyccinno for free. Super healthy and superb value for money.
The most mind-blowing thing about Wahaca, from the kid’s point of view? TACO TUESDAY – I’m sure us Mums know this from The Lego Movie, well now you can bring it into your own life because they thought this was amazing! Everyone’s first plate of tacos are £1 every Tuesday!!!!! So guess what little monkeys want to come back here on Tuesday…?!

But it doesn’t really stop there, Wahaca have thought about the small things that make a big difference and goes over and above your expectations – currently, they’re donating 20p from every children’s meal to open-air classroom projects like gardening and outdoor activities. A precious addition and life skill that so many schools are unable to provide due to funding. Not only that, but Wahaca is totally sustainable; certified carbon neutral. I believe they are the first restaurant to become this; certified carbon neutral means that the meat in every Wahaca dish has higher welfare and is sourced in the UK plus what’s not eaten is recycled. This just makes me love this place more and more and more!

So they have great food. They have great morals. They have great decor… but what about their staff? Just incredible. All of them in the Bluewater branch, but one especially, our waitress Kerry, wasn’t only helpful with food allergies due to Finn having an off day and requiring dairy-free, but she also seamlessly dealt with our needs for Josh, asking if we required any special assistance (in regard to his Autistic traits) to make his time in the restaurant more comfortable. Did it stop there? Two difficult kids to deal with at one table… no there’s more; accommodating a sleeping baby in a buggy so Mum can at least have one meal in peace. Yup. Nailed it. Thanks Kerry and thank you Tommi and Wahaca. Certainly one of the best family-friendly restaurants we have ever been to.

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