Wills Lake, Limousin, France

Beard has been fishing since he was a nipper, and apparently, now he has ankle-biters of his own, he has no free time to get to the lake regularly. In comparison, despite this clouded judgement (because he can go whenever he wants), I have to remind him we have been on some fab fishing holidays over the years…!

One of the best being Wills Lake France formally known as La Couarde.
As an eclectic group of high maintenance randoms, we travelled here back in May 2009 when Josh was four and Finn was coming up to two. I was a crazy Mum of two little people who required the world on a plate, or it just wasn’t good enough, and “La Couarde” was the best fully encompassing family holiday keeping everyone entertained from fussy OAP’s, needy kids, over-anxious Mums and fishing obsessed lads. We are very tough to please but at this fishery, everyone was in their element.

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You see, Beards best friend is the co-founder of i-angler and Fortis Eyewear, so he knows his stuff when it comes to fishing. In fact, Josh’s first adventure of fishing was at 6 weeks old at Sevenoaks. I also love sitting on the bank with a BBQ, a rod in the lake tentatively waiting for a bite – that I’m likely to lose, a cold glass of wine and the good old fashioned great outdoors around us while we have some jazz quietly playing.

At Wills Lake, you can have the serene fishing experience with beautiful views and decent fish, as well as the perfect place for a holiday if you aren’t into fishing. The house is luxury accommodation, with a great games room perfect for both little and big kids. Every evening when we weren’t night fishing, we enjoyed a somewhat competitive night of table tennis, pool, ice hockey, darts and table football.

The days were spent watching the deer running free and the many birds twittering in the trees, while we chilled on the spacious patio (with an excellent pool for those hot summer days) and extensive grounds to enjoy boules and badminton, or just for catching some rays while watching the boys at the lake below.

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During our stay, we were really impressed with all the facilities here. The “fishing room” as we called it had so much storage for all of our fishing equipment and bait, and it kept the mother-in-law happy knowing the dead bait wasn’t in our freezer in the kitchen!!!

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Josh thoroughly enjoyed his time fishing here, and he learnt a lot of new skills while being fully absorbed in a proper fishing holiday. The lake is really well stocked with mirror, common and grass carp in excess of 40lb, plus roach and tench for the kids to catch and the 60lb catfish that Beard landed!

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While you really are isolated here with no nosy neighbours or traffic bumbling by, you aren’t formally out in the sticks in the middle of nowhere. A short drive away are local shops for all of your supplies and just 10 minutes drive is the neighbouring village, Bessines-sur-Gartemp. Travel slightly further and 30 minutes drive away is the stunning traditional French village Bellac. You can read about our stay in Bellac in a wonderfully quirky house here.

Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a family who love the great outdoors or people looking for something a bit different Wills Lake has it all and more!

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