7th Heaven Dead Sea & Clay Peel-Off Mask

Stress levels throughout the Pandemic have been monumental! I have started a new job, Josh is in the middle of doing GCSE’s, and it’s around “that time of the month”. My hormones are obviously raging, and my skin IS NOT happy; I have breakouts everywhere, not just my T-zone like I usually do. With everything… Read More 7th Heaven Dead Sea & Clay Peel-Off Mask

Annabel Karmel Ready Meals

Busy Mums always feel guilty about the food they give their little ones. Do they have enough fruit? Is there an equal amount of vegetables to carbohydrates? Should I introduce a more varied diet? How much sugar are they consuming? Guilt, guilt and more guilt. You can check out our Recipe section if you want;… Read More Annabel Karmel Ready Meals


Baba Sling is a baby carrier that’s slightly different from everything else on the high street; Most importantly, it is super soft and comfortable. Every other sling we have tried is relatively rigid, and if comfortable for the baby, it’s uncomfortable for the baby wearer or, of course, vice versa. Austyn loves being in it,… Read More BabaSling


BetterYou+ sent Finn a couple of Magnesium products when they followed our social media posts of him playing rugby and then really aching the following day. They sent us the Magnesium Bath Flakes and the Magnesium Oil. The products contain a high concentrate of Magnesium. They are designed to supplement our bodies to promote relaxation… Read More BetterYou+


The lovely people over at Bibetta sent us three of their bibs to try out. The Dribble Bib, the Ultra Bib and the Ultra Bib with sleeves. The first thing to note about Bibetta is the unique fabric they use. The concept derived from the founder, Paul, and his love of surfing. As a result,… Read More Bibetta


Stretch marks are extremely common and do not only affect pregnant women; they can occur at any time when the body increases in size relatively quickly. It also affects men and women of all ages and races. My current stretch marks are from two previous pregnancies, and while they are not horrendous, sometimes when on… Read More Bio-Oil

Dream Genii Breastfeeding Pillow

After reviewing the pregnancy pillow and experiencing phenomenal results – we were thrilled when our friends over at Dream Genii asked us to review their Breast Feeding Pillow. There are many on the market, and we must admit, we wondered what all the fuss was. Moreover, why prices seemed to differ so much. Therefore we… Read More Dream Genii Breastfeeding Pillow

Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow

One night, I was scrolling through the internet searching for a solution to my aching back. Then, like magic, I received an email asking me to review the Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow (£47.99)*. I was thrilled and hoping it would help. To be honest, the Pregnancy Pillow could have been any price. The way I was… Read More Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow

Fortis Eyewear

We used to go fishing regularly before having children. Chilling on the bank with a BBQ and a beer. Then the sprogs came along entangling themselves in the lines, setting off bite alarms, falling in the lake – you know the usual stuff kids like to do to irritate you. Snatching your free time and… Read More Fortis Eyewear

Gathering a Garden Board Game

When we were asked our opinion on eco-friendly board games, we were expecting something made of paper. Something a bit grey and boring. So, with very little expectation, we were thrilled when we opened the box of Gathering a Garden. Genuinely, it is beautifully designed, wonderfully manufactured, and actually a great game for all the family! The… Read More Gathering a Garden Board Game

Graco Pack ‘n’ Play

Thank you to Graco for sending us their Pack ‘n’ Play Travel Cot. Simple, foldable, basic yet practical. ***new style now available*** While our little one isn’t here yet, we received this and were very excited to get the box open and see what it was all about. Especially Beard – he likes new things.… Read More Graco Pack ‘n’ Play

Gummee Glove

All three of our boys have suffered from teething from a very early age. They dribbled for Britain, and we could have done with this product years ago as they were forever gnawing on their tiny fists and making their clothing wet and their delicate little hands sore. The Gummee Glove is a jam-packed teether… Read More Gummee Glove


When Max from HayMax saw one of our Instagram posts about Josh suffering from hay fever he contacted us to see if we would like to try Haymax. I hadn’t heard of the brand before so was intrigued to find out 1. what it was all about and 2. if it would work. We have… Read More Haymax

Hovis Seed Sensations

As parents, we know how important it is to get “goodness” into our little ones. Equally, we also know how tempting it is to feed them the easy stuff we know they will eat without kicking up a fuss. However, when it comes to balancing a healthier choice with staple foods we eat every day,… Read More Hovis Seed Sensations


Thank you to the lovely folks over at iCandy for the Peach pushchair and carrycot. ***New models now available*** There are a considerable amount of pushchairs on the market, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a whirlwind experience when you pop into Mothercare to be greeted by a whole host of pushchairs. Above… Read More iCandy

Maternity Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a shopping nightmare for most of us, but finding the perfect maternity jeans is where things go from bad to worse! We searched the high street for the best jeans to wear whilst pregnant. We tried a whole host of styles ranging from Mothercare’s boyfriend jeans, to Topshop… Read More Maternity Jeans

Nuby 360 Maxi

Nuby was founded in 1970. They are a trusted baby and toddler brand manufacturing quality products such as soothers and bibs, teething products and bath toys. Put simply, Nuby provides products that make life easier for parents. The particular product we are reviewing is their fabulous No-spill cup which is perfect for Austyn since he had… Read More Nuby 360 Maxi


Morning sickness can be the telltale sign of pregnancy that gives you the news you have been waiting for. However, it can also mean the start of hell for others who are now finding themselves in the situation of unplanned pregnancy while struggling to keep down their Weetabix. I’m the latter. For me, nausea started… Read More Sea-Bands


Cara and I have known each other via the nursery industry since around 2001, so it’s a privilege to review her fantastic product, Snoozeshade. For the first time ever, instead of just looking at the product at tradeshows with children who were too old to benefit from it, now that Austyn has arrived, I can… Read More Snoozeshade

The Birthing Shirt Company

We love to find brands that are practical and organic. The Birthing Shirt company surprisingly sells just that, a birthing shirt! But while we aren’t directly reviewing this product, I wanted to mention it as it looks super practical, and we love a product that can benefit you throughout pregnancy. The birthing shirt is ideal for… Read More The Birthing Shirt Company

Tommee Tippee

I didn’t breastfeed Josh at all. Why? Because I was a young Mum and felt like a hotel for 9 months. The last thing I wanted was to become an on-tap milk maid. However, I did breastfeed Finn for 4 days. The only reason was to reap the benefits of colostrum. Despite this, they both… Read More Tommee Tippee


We were introduced to TumTum products by a family friend a few years ago. When I had my own business, I met the business owner and was gifted a baking set. Josh used it for years. However, their business has changed now, and this range has been discontinued, unfortunately. But they do have some fantastic items for little… Read More TumTum


Waboba launched in 2005, the year that Josh was born. All these years later, the guys from Sweden who deem themselves “big kids at heart” are still going strong. The theory behind this business is fun, fun and more fun. Let your inner big kid out and run free! It’s about taking the games we… Read More Waboba

Wake Cup

We were first introduced to Global WAKEcup when we were in the middle of doing our blogpost on plastic. The thought process behind WAKEcup is to put an end to single-use plastic pollution. It all started in 2018 when friends Buffie and Nick discussed David Attenboroughs campaign to fight the no plastic revolution. So it’s… Read More Wake Cup


With our two older children, we used disposable nappies; however, this time around, I wanted to give reusable ones a go. Primarily because we’re more organic now, but also, there is so much focus on the environment and the benefits of eco-friendly choices we can make these days. What was the goal of this review?… Read More Wonderoo’s