7th Heaven Dead Sea & Clay Peel-Off Mask

Stress levels throughout the Pandemic have been monumental! I have started a new job, Josh is in the middle of doing GCSE’s, and it’s around “that time of the month”. My hormones are obviously raging, and my skin IS NOT happy; I have breakouts everywhere, not just my T-zone like I usually do.

With everything going on in the world right now, my first-world problem is that my skincare routine has slipped, and I have been unable to have regular facials. Of course, this has resulted in enlarged pores, skin feeling slightly sensitive, dry, and just a little bit meh. I can feel that I’m run down, and I need to treat my skin to a face mask immediately!

7th Heaven recommends their Peel-Off Mask as “deep pore cleansing and easy-peel.” Both of these are necessary right now.
The first thing I love about this product is the price – in most shops, the mask sachets are around £1.00, which is fantastic value for money.

The cream smells pleasant; it has that at-home spa smell that adds a little je ne sais quoi to the ‘you time’ you have set aside to chill.

The mask is nice and thick without being gooey, and the application is easy to apply with a smooth consistency. So far, I am immensely impressed and instantly think this product will become part of my weekly beauty regime.

I applied the mask – being careful not to go too close to my hairline or eyebrows – I then soak into a hot bubble bath for 20 minutes while the mask sets. While it’s on my face, I can feel a slight cooling effect and gradual tightening; once the mask is no longer tacky, I carefully peel it off. Some peel-off masks can be extremely difficult to remove, and physical hurt to peel! The 7th Heaven mask isn’t at all problematic or painful, and as I’m peeling it, I can instantly feel my skin is silky smooth, feeling super fresh, and my skin appears hydrated and not at all as “angry” as it looked previously.

I would 100% recommend this face mask to anyone suffering from tired, dull skin and breakouts. It’s definitely worked wonders for me. Topped up with a luxurious Tropics moisturiser, and I’m feeling refreshed and revitalised.