BetterYou+ sent Finn a couple of Magnesium products when they followed our social media posts of him playing rugby and then really aching the following day.

They sent us the Magnesium Bath Flakes and the Magnesium Oil.

The products contain a high concentrate of Magnesium. They are designed to supplement our bodies to promote relaxation and soothe aching muscles. Magnesium has been scientifically formulated with the highest quality of ingredients to offer the most effective absorption.

The owners of BetterYou+ have a wide range of products available on their website, not just Magnesium products.
They are part of The Better Planet Project. They adopt better practices for responsible packaging and have won The Queens Award for their pioneering products.

With each new innovation, we continue to meet the growing needs of our customers’ nutritional requirements. Providing scientifically formulated products that use the highest quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible.

After a tough day at rugby, Finn came home covered in mud and limping from a pulled calf muscle. He immediately ran a warm bath and added 2 cups of magnesium flakes to the running water.
Finn tends to soak in the bath for around 30 minutes (recommended time is 20 minutes), but as he has been using the flakes for a while, he has built up the time to what is the most effective for him.
He uses the flakes in the bath twice a week, once after training and once after a game. After 4 weeks of continued use, he saw a significant improvement in his muscles repairing themselves a lot quicker.

The following day after using the Magnesium flakes, he uses the Magnesium Oil. He has 5 sprays per leg, arms and stomach, half the recommended dosage for adults. Initially, you will get a slight tingling sensation due to the rapid absorption of the Magnesium through your pores. But as you regularly use it, you become used to this sensation. To avoid oily skin, he then leaves it for 10 minutes before towelling his body off.

Over to Finn:
I have noticed a massive difference in how quick my body recovers after match days and training since using Magnesium. The flakes in the bath are really relaxing, and once you get used to the sensation of the oil, that also makes a massive difference. I’d definitely recommend the BetterYou+ products to anyone who plays intensive sport and wants to recuperate their muscles quicker.