Dream Genii Breastfeeding Pillow

After reviewing the pregnancy pillow and experiencing phenomenal results – we were thrilled when our friends over at Dream Genii asked us to review their Breast Feeding Pillow.

There are many on the market, and we must admit, we wondered what all the fuss was. Moreover, why prices seemed to differ so much. Therefore we headed out to the high street for a bit of product research.

There are lots of variations on the market – all with a very similar concept and shape, just a different print and a different price tag… from the ones we saw, Dream Genii’s feeding pillow seemed to have enough wadding to make it snuggly without being hard, but not too soft so that it offered no support. Some of the others we came across were either like wood or completely floppy.

No pun intended.

So far, I’m not using it for breastfeeding, but I have been using it for a variety of other things:
1. On the onset of sciatica, I decided to sit on the pillow while at my desk working – it immediately alleviated some of the uncomfortable niggles I was having, so there’s a new use for this right there.
2. Laying in bed, I’d prop myself up to reduce the horrible sensation of heartburn – it creates the perfect height to sleep while aiding that dreadful digestion feeling. You know the one that feels like there’s a party going on between your gut and your lung? That one.
3. It’s also ideal for hitting husbands when they’ve been slacking on decorating the nursery…

I rated the Feeding Pillow before our little guy had even arrived, and now that he has, I rate this product even more! As a working Mum, I need to be able to feed and bond with my little one but still work when necessary. The pillow allows me to stay close to Austyn but keep my hands free to work while knowing he is at the perfect height for feeding and not taking in any air, which could then lead to colic.

The other great thing we have used it for is for allowing our two older sons to get involved with feeding. Before we started using the pillow, we found that Austyn was very windy if the boys had helped – of course, we didn’t want to disallow this magical big brother bonding time, but we were aware that we couldn’t let him continue to swallow air by not being held correctly. Beard introduced the pillow by popping it around their waist but leaving a slight gap so that they can rest their arm on one side, and Austyn’s bottom plopped down in the hole; it works every time, and it gives me a break.

As well as allowing the boys the opportunity to get involved with feeding their baby brother, they also started to use it to sing, play and read with him. Josh instigated this use, and it’s perfect for keeping him slightly elevated, allowing him to kick and wriggle around, but the sides prevent him from slipping off if the boys are not holding him in the correct position.

Finally, just to add another string to its bow, the Dream Genii Breast Feeding Pillow is brilliant for tummy time and those moments where he is desperate to sleep but is still very nosy! The elevated position for bringing up wind before a last-minute bout of energy and snoozy time is key to a long nap time both Mummy and baby can enjoy.

This product is fantastic value for money – it takes you from pregnancy through to birth and beyond, plus so much more – I can see us having this pillow for a long time. In conclusion, while there are lots of variations on the market, we really like Dream Genii’s version.

Why? Value for money, design, quality, and best of all, it’s ideal for use after a C-section as it relieves tension and pressure in the tummy when feeding.