When Max from HayMax saw one of our Instagram posts about Josh suffering from hay fever he contacted us to see if we would like to try Haymax. I hadn’t heard of the brand before so was intrigued to find out 1. what it was all about and 2. if it would work.

We have tried so many hay fever relief products (check out our hay fever article) and although a lot of them help, none of them alleviate the symptoms completely. They just make the summer bearable.

So, what is Haymax:

HayMax is a multi award winning, drug-free, non-drowsy allergen barrier balm. HayMax traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter the body. Suitable for the whole family, including pregnant and breastfeeding women & children.

The great thing about HayMax is that it is suitable for the whole family, plus, it’s natural, organic, and drug-free. It doesn’t only focus on preventing those dreaded hay fever traces from bringing you down, but it also helps prevent cold and flu particles from getting into your system. How? It’s a lot more straightforward than you might think. Apply a small amount of the balm to the bottom of the nose and around the eyes, and hey presto, it traps pollen, dust, and pet allergens before they enter the body.

The theory is that if fewer particles enter the body, the less chance of an allergic reaction, and do you know what? That kind of makes sense to me. If your allergen levels aren’t triggered, then you won’t end up a sneezing, eye-watering, snotty mess. Sounds good.

But does it work?

Josh tends to suffer from hay fever quite early, usually around March, but not enough to warrant starting to take antihistamine that early in the year, so HayMax could, technically, be perfect for him.

Unfortunately, Josh isn’t a fan of creams – suncream, Vicks, anything like that he struggles not to wipe off immediately. Surprisingly, HayMax balm isn’t thick and sticky. It’s pretty lightweight, and once you get used to applying it, you forget it is there.

HayMax is made from natural organic ingredients; seed oils, beeswax, and various essential oils and acts as a “blocker” by restricting the number of particles that enter your body.

Once Josh had been accustomed to the balm, he found a genuine decrease in his sneezing fits. He wasn’t as stuffy or as congested. But was it a miracle? A coincidence? Bearing in mind, it wasn’t the height of summer; it could just be that it was working because the hay fever season hadn’t officially hit.

Hay fever can cause absolute misery if you suffer from it. It’s an overreaction of the body’s immune system to a non-harmful allergen entering the body. The body reacts by producing histamine in excess and makes you feel rotten.

Thankfully, yes, HayMax DID work. Teamed with Loratadine tablets and a few applications of HayMax balm throughout the day, Josh was a different person. He wasn’t as groggy; he wasn’t sneezing anywhere near as much as he used to. His eyes weren’t bloodshot and streaming, and he wasn’t blowing his nose every 5 seconds.

Even with hay fever tablets alone, he still had these symptoms, but once we combined the two, there was a massive change. So much so that when I developed hay fever while pregnant, I opted for the balm, and it was a complete saviour of what was a thoroughly miserable time for the first five months of suffering.

HayMax really does make a huge difference and is the all-natural organic hay fever balm that you may well have been searching for but didn’t know existed.