Hovis Seed Sensations

As parents, we know how important it is to get “goodness” into our little ones. Equally, we also know how tempting it is to feed them the easy stuff we know they will eat without kicking up a fuss. However, when it comes to balancing a healthier choice with staple foods we eat every day, that’s where it becomes tricky.

You can, of course, visit our Recipe section… here, you can find inspiration that can retain your sanity.

Or you could thank Mr Hovis for his bread.

Our family has been a white bread family for years, so when we were first asked to try something a bit different, while I knew Beard and I would love it, we were unsure how the kids would convert.

Tentatively we started with toast and were asked the usual questions of “what is this stuff on the top?” but they ate it. Maybe it was because there was Nutella all over it, though.
We then moved onto dippy bread in soup, and they LOVED it – apparently, “it’s the best bread ever”, they exclaimed. From that moment, they actually asked for sandwiches made from the “bread with bits on it”.

I suppose the moral of the story is to never underestimate what your little ones will eat and enjoy. Nowadays, they eat Hovis Seed Sensations every day – never leaving the crusts, believe it or not! Don’t get me wrong, they wouldn’t turn down white bread, but they certainly are loving Seed sensations.

Despite all the positives, there is a downside. It’s a really annoying downside, too, as I wanted to award this one on a superstar level, but Beard and the boys decided we can’t. The decision is based on two things;

1. A loaf of bread doesn’t last as long as white bread or standard wholemeal. A few times, we have noticed it can be turning stale a day or two before the use-by date. We always have to check the crusts to make sure it’s still ok to eat, despite using a bread bin and sealing the bag.

2. We have now purchased lots of Seed Sensations, and while we still love it, for some reason, it doesn’t matter where we buy it from; nine times out of 10, the crusts are constantly falling away from the doughy bread. It’s never all of the loaf either; it’s just a section of it. Very bizarre, but equally very frustrating when making sandwiches.

Which is a bit of a shame.