Thank you to the lovely folks over at iCandy for the Peach pushchair and carrycot.

***New models now available***

There are a considerable amount of pushchairs on the market, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a whirlwind experience when you pop into Mothercare to be greeted by a whole host of pushchairs. Above all, it’s a minefield to be faced with a million features you didn’t even know existed and price tags you didn’t think would be humanly possible unless you were in a car showroom.

On our first “spin” around Mothercare, Beard left feeling light-headed and queazy whilst claiming that the baby will be pushed around in a wheelbarrow. Apparently, it’s functional and soft and takes it easy on the bank balance. In retrospect, I think he was serious… because I later opened his laptop, and he was on the B&Q website.

iCandy is a well-known company that seems to be a bit of a Rolls Royce when it comes to the four-wheeled transporter for little people. The design is big, robust and chunky, and I like that style. Despite its size, this is counterbalanced by what appears to be an exceptionally sturdy pram and ergonomic design.
Furthermore, the design is precisely what we need for the area we live; our driveway is gravel, so those chunky tyres will be perfect for ploughing from the pavement to our front door. Plus, at the end of our road, we are surrounded by woodland where we regularly walk the dog, so a sturdy frame and a bit of suspension is a must. The iCandy has all of these features.


One thing Beard looks for in a buggy is how it manoeuvres. Our first ever pushchair for our precious firstborn was a German prototype that had motorbike suspension wheels. In other words, you would steer the pram left, and as it turned, the entire frame and seat would lean as if it was on hydraulics – it was very bizarre, ludicrously expensive and got lots of comments.
However, when it came to practicality, it was useless as it would rarely fit through a standard door frame particularly easily! If a buggy could be sexy, this particular one was literally sex on wheels. It would make people drool at its sheer beauty. But then, when you wanted to do the most basic of tasks like fold it up and put it in the boot of your car, it was impossible.

The iCandy, however, according to the expert (Beard), is very smooth and easy to turn with one finger – and that is a great thing for when you are pushing the buggy with your pinky. Apparently. So he has told me.

I mean, how many people push a pram with one single finger, I don’t know, but he claims it is when he is eating ice cream.

We love how you can interchange between the carrycot, the toddler seat and the car seat – it makes the frame versatile and an investment that will take us from birth to toddler. It will serve us well when travelling as well, as it folds pretty flat for such a big piece of equipment. The wheels are removable, and it has a handy over shoulder carry handle.


The downside is it’s heavy. But in our opinion, it has to be if it’s going to withstand daily abuse and transform into the many variations of travel solutions it offers. It’s also paramount when travelling and getting shoved onto an aeroplane with no care whatsoever!
This brings me to the travel bag (sold separately). You can keep the system compact and safe whilst in the load during travel. It makes it easy to carry and ensures nothing is going to get snagged, snapped or pinged off; plus you can stuff some extra nappies, blankets and toys in there to take some lbs out of your suitcase!

We would thoroughly recommend this travel system. It does everything it says it does, plus so much more. Furthermore, the newer models are far more superior to the Peach model we have been using.