Maternity Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a shopping nightmare for most of us, but finding the perfect maternity jeans is where things go from bad to worse!

We searched the high street for the best jeans to wear whilst pregnant. We tried a whole host of styles ranging from Mothercare’s boyfriend jeans, to Topshop skinnies, to JojoMamanBebe bootleg jeans, to Dorothy Perkins stretch denim jegging, New Looks under bump jeans, Mamalicious stonewash jeans. and then we came across H&M’s range.
**Thank you to all the brands who contributed to this review**

So, end your search; look no further.

I didn’t realise that H&M had such a fabulous range of everyday clothing for us, Mums-to-be. It’s an accessible fashion collection that is comfortable but equally doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a sack when, for some of us, you aren’t feeling the most glamorous.

Before I tell you more about H&M, let’s run through the others we also tried and tested.

Mothercare Boyfriend Jeans
Let’s face it, you can either pull this style off or you can’t. Pregnant women, avoid this style. Manufacturers, stop making them – nothing can make these look good, not even a pregnant glow! I look like I have shat myself. And in my pregnant state, I might have. You are doing nothing for my confidence.

Topshop Skinnies
Perfect if you are happy to feel like you are wearing a corset while growing a baby in your belly. I worked up a sweat just pulling these on. Once squirmed into them, walking was a real struggle! But before anyone says it, yes, I was wearing my correct size.

JojoMamanBebe Bootleg Jeans
This design is a painful throwback to a time when jeans were just jeans and not a staple fashion item in the wardrobe. They look drab. They feel drab. They are drab. Well done, JMB, fashion at its worst.

Dorothy Perkins Stretch Denim Jegging
I am not going to waste my time commenting on these. The cut made me feel awful about my new body shape and was “absolutely hideous” according to Beard.

New Look’s Under Bump Jeans
You will love these if you like the idea of your crack permanently hanging out. There is no way these jeans will stay up unless you are carrying your baby around your back and your midriff. For me, being all out front, I would be forever tugging at them to keep them above my knees!

Mamalicious Stonewash Jeans
I had high hopes for these. One of the most expensive of the bunch and made with super soft fabric. Unfortunately, once washed, they just weren’t the same again. The material seemed to stretch and then not sit “right” on my bump; they even felt uncomfortable around the seams — a bit of a shame due to the price.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 00.24.35I then tried H&M’s super skinny jeans. These come in a range of 4 colours and sizes 8 to 20, priced at £24.99. They feel lovely and soft and are super comfortable once on; you can dress them up with some heels or throw on a hoodie for ultimate comfort. I love these jeans and now have them in every colour.

I was so impressed with these jeans that I also decided to try out some of the rest of the MAMA range at H&M. Likewise, from bra’s to PJ’s, vests to dresses, H&M has your entire maternity wardrobe sorted. The prices are reasonable, the items wash well and the best of all? They boost your confidence – even on your yucky “I am so pregnant, it’s disgusting” days.

Even better – they offer an organic range for us, eco-conscious folk. YAY!

Unfortunately, the other ranges of jeans did not warrant a full review. Personally, the only winners could be H&M, and I’m so pleased to commend them on their fantastic MAMA range of maternity clothing! All hail H&M – thank you for bringing style back to this Mama’s wardrobe.