Nuby 360 Maxi

Nuby was founded in 1970. They are a trusted baby and toddler brand manufacturing quality products such as soothers and bibs, teething products and bath toys.
Put simply, Nuby provides products that make life easier for parents.

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The particular product we are reviewing is their fabulous No-spill cup which is perfect for Austyn since he had his accident.

Over the past few weeks, we have spent a fortune on trying different types of sippy cups, literally everything available on the market, but absolutely nothing has worked for him.

The reason we are struggling to find a suitable cup for him, more so than most parents, is because Auz had an awful accident. As you can see from the pictures below, the emergency surgery left him with a considerable gap and sore gums, so eating and drinking is a real struggle for him.


Nuby saw our posts about Austyns accident on social media and contacted us to see if any of their products might be suitable for him. We were thrilled when we were sent the 360 Maxi No-Spill Cup. Nuby’s smart design is for little ones aged 12 months and over. It gets little people ready for “grown-up cups” making the transition super easy.

Not only did Austyn adapt to the Nuby No-Spill Cup instantly, but it also allowed him to have his independence back at mealtimes.
The cup has a smart spill-proof seal to avoid endless annoying leaks. It’s also dentist-approved, which is an absolute must in our situation.

The great unique thing about this sippy cup is you can fill it, pop the lid on and chuck it in the change bag. It DOES NOT leak at all! Even upside down!!! That feature in a toddler cup is genuinely an extremely rare find.

Not only is this a really positive review for a truly excellent product, but it’s also a heartfelt thank you to the media team at Nuby who sent these to us to try. We didn’t think Austyn was ever going to find a suitable cup that was practical and comfortable. We certainly didn’t expect it to benefit the transition from sippy cups to standard cups, yet it has done all that and more.

I’d like to update this post as there are a lot of sippy cups on the market claiming to benefit from the transition as kids grow up. However, we did try a lot of them, unsuccessfully.
Austyn has been using the Nuby 360 Maxi cup exclusively for the past 6 months and has recently transitioned to drinking without the silicone seal and there have been no spills or accidents.
Not only is this cup practical, but it also teaches valuable development skills. Another big plus – even for a child who is suffering a disability in development due to an accident.

I would 100% recommend this product for anyone:
1. Transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup or a sippy cup to a mug.
2. Any child with mouth or dental problems.
3. Children with hand-eye coordination disabilities.

I’m really impressed with the quality, durability and design of this product and I truly believe it’s one of the best on the market.