Morning sickness can be the telltale sign of pregnancy that gives you the news you have been waiting for. However, it can also mean the start of hell for others who are now finding themselves in the situation of unplanned pregnancy while struggling to keep down their Weetabix. I’m the latter.

For me, nausea started at 6 weeks and went on for an eternity. Well, five weeks to be exact, but those weeks felt like a lifetime. Hand on heart, I can honestly feel for you Mama’s out there who are suffering so much worse than me.

Sincerely, I do not know how anyone copes with this for the duration of pregnancy and beyond.

During the time I suffered from morning sickness, I was unable to eat properly, which in turn made me tired and irritable. I couldn’t sleep because of nausea, which in turn, also made me tired and irritable. Consequently, I couldn’t sit at the dinner table with my family because I couldn’t stand the smell of food.

As well as struggling to be in the car or in a shopping centre and walk past that horrendously stinking shop, LUSH without gagging. Moreover, feeding the dog required a military operation and just making a cup of coffee for Beard justified a bucket nearby at all times… that was until I was recommended Sea Bands.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for coming to my rescue when I felt alone at sea with no armbands and drowning without a rubber ring in sight!

Initially, I was a bit shocked to hear of the price point at £9.99. Primarily because I had no idea what they were, how they worked, or what to expect. But for a reusable solution, for not only morning sickness but also travel sickness, I think the price point is spot on. Moreover, they work!

The idea behind the design is that they provide a pressure point on a specific area of your wrist using a tiny plastic, non-irritating tab. You can wear them all day, every day with no side effects. Obviously, because of this “specific point” required to alleviate symptoms, first, you need to find it. While there is a general guide, it may take a bit of perseverance to navigate and solve the exact point, but once you do, you’ll find it every time and it will provide almost instant relief.

Sea-Bands have changed my life and I love them. Not only do I love them, but my family do too, as I’m not walking around the house with a bucket strapped to my hip.

Since having Austyn, my sickness escapades are thankfully a thing of the past. Unfortunately, Auz now seems to have developed long-distance car sickness. He’s never had it before, but as soon as we realised he was suffering on most journeys, I pulled out my trusty Sea-Bands. Initially, he was sceptical but, a 6-hour drive to Cornwall and not one single stop because he was feeling unwell proves there’s something magical in these little fabric bands!