The Birthing Shirt Company

We love to find brands that are practical and organic. The Birthing Shirt company surprisingly sells just that, a birthing shirt!

But while we aren’t directly reviewing this product, I wanted to mention it as it looks super practical, and we love a product that can benefit you throughout pregnancy. The birthing shirt is ideal for both labour and post-birth.

The Birthing Shirt Company, despite what you may think from their name, actually offers customers many other products besides the Birthing Shirt. For example, pregnant tummy and tiny feet casting kits to labour bags – it’s worth taking a look at their website as they have so many ingenious items.

But where was I…? Oh yes, reviewing the products we have been sent.

The Nursing Scarf
With my two older children, I didn’t breastfeed. I didn’t want to with Josh, and I decided to breastfeed for just 4-days with Finn. However, with Austyn, I planned to persevere but have been petrified about doing so in public. As natural as it is, I was genuinely terrified.

Currently, there is a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding breastfeeding and what is socially acceptable. It’s a minefield and not something I want to get into a debate about, but I’d like to know the reason why breasts are such a sexualised part of a woman’s body when their primary function is to feed a child?
It’s OK to have them in a push-up bra, physically on display in a slinky top for all to see on a night out, BUT if they are visible while nursing a child, that’s a whole other story!!
Utter madness…

The Birthing Shirt Company’s Nursing Scarf is just the thing I’ve been looking for. It is available in 4 colourways that are sure to match anything in your wardrobe. Plus, the offer of buy two for £49.98* really is something to shout about.
Of course, the fabric is organic cotton, which means it’s breathable and keeps you and your little one cool. Therefore, it’s perfect for nursing and not turning you or your little one into a beetroot as they nuzzle beneath it.

What I love about this product is how it can be used as a scarf. You wear the item like an accessory, and then when it is feed time, it magics itself into the perfect cover-up. I can coo at my baby from the top of the scarf and check he is ok without the slightest flash of nipple!

At the centre of the scarf, there is a small slit in the fabric (that isn’t visible when being worn as a scarf) where you pop your head through. This design allows the material to drape over you and your little one. The “veil” is of ample size to cover your baby and your modesty, which is a relief for me. It’s also breathable and lightweight. Not once did he feed and become hot or flustered. And neither did I!

The first time I used this in a public place was at Jamies Italian during prime lunchtime service. We had a table of guys a few feet away from us enjoying their lunch and occasionally one of them kept looking over at me. It started to make me feel uneasy and get a bit fidgety and restless.

Plus, I thought he might be a pervert.

After Austyn had finished feeding in complete privacy with my modesty totally covered, I popped myself back into my bra, reattached my vest strap and lifted the scarf to burp him. And the guy (the one staring) exclaimed to his friends “Oh!!! There was a baby under there!!!! What a good idea!” That made me laugh and furthered my belief in how discreet it is.

I am so happy that this nursing scarf was bought to my attention, as I intend to recommend it to everyone and anyone, shouting from the rooftops on what a fabulous product it is!

Labour Candle
We are one of those families who burn candles, oils, sticks, cones, anything with a lovely scent and we are all over it. We love a scent to fill a room, and we are often reminded of certain smells that evoke particular memories and emotions. Vanilla always reminds me of our family car. Roses make me reminisce about Spain. That kind of fresh morning dew kind of smell of our first camping trip.This is why learning of a Labour Candle was quite exciting to us. I wonder what labour smells like was my initial reaction, but of course, the candle doesn’t smell of that. That would be very odd. What it does smell of is lavender, which is scientifically proven to be calming, soothing, relaxing and balancing along with clary sage which is stress-relieving.
These two heavenly scents combined encourage labour and strengthen contractions while easing the aches and pains.I am no doctor, but I do not believe that a candle will stop the pain of labour. Despite this, I know that organic homoeopathic remedies DO help to aid anxiety and discomfort.The compact size of the candle is perfect for packing in your labour bag, and it burns for 12 hours which is excellent considering the average labour lasts approximately 8 hours.On the 18th December at 8.30am my contractions started. I ran myself a warm bubble bath, dimmed the lights and lit my labour candle ready to have an hour of chill-out time before the fun really started. My contractions were 8 minutes apart and lasting at least 30 seconds, and while they weren’t excruciating, they were painful.
The whole ambience of peacefully chilling out in my own home allowed me to flow through these initial contractions effortlessly. As they increased to every 5 minutes and lasting longer with more aggression, I was still able to deal with the pain and genuinely felt very calm with the candle burning next to me.The candle filled the entire room with a lovely scent, although I think the warmth from the bath also aided the experience by gently dispersing the aroma through the steam.A few hours later, as my contraction heightened and were closer and closer together, we headed to the hospital. Unfortunately, when I was in the birthing suite, I asked if I was able to light the candle and was informed that it wasn’t possible due to health and safety reasons. Damn you, health and safety!
We learned that some birthing suites allow them; others do not so double-check this with your midwife.I loved the candle despite not being able to have it throughout my labour while in hospital. But I was extremely pleased with it throughout the time I laboured at home. I also appreciated it post-birth when I was tired and adapting to becoming a new Mum. The scent and crackle of the flame were so relaxing; I can imagine it is a must-have item for a home birth.*Price at time of writing article