Tommee Tippee

I didn’t breastfeed Josh at all. Why? Because I was a young Mum and felt like a hotel for 9 months. The last thing I wanted was to become an on-tap milk maid.
However, I did breastfeed Finn for 4 days. The only reason was to reap the benefits of colostrum. Despite this, they both suffered terribly from Colic, so we used Doctor Browns bottles, and I must say they were the best thing we ever invested in as new, young parents.

Honestly, they really did make a difference with these clever airflow bottles. However, it was almost as if the damage was already done. The symptoms of colic didn’t disappear, but they did alleviate tremendously. Dr Brown’s bottles made life bearable for them and for us.

This time around with Austyn, I am breastfeeding but topping up with formula milk. Unfortunately, I can’t successfully (or comfortably) express for him to be 100% breastfed and satisfied, as he is such a hungry baby. Due to this, I wanted to find a bottle suitable for the transition from breast to bottle and bottle to breast without any latching on problems.

I’ve heard so many horror stories on Netmums about how their breastfeeding experience was ruined the second they introduced a bottle. On the other hand, I’ve listened to poignant memoirs where the baby refused a bottle entirely, and at age 3, Mummy’s were still acting as a milkmaid and breastfeeding their small people. I didn’t want either of these scenarios taking over our bonding sessions at feeding time and then as if by magic we were contacted by Tommee Tippee.


Tommee Tippee has been around for as long as I can remember, so it comes as no surprise that they teamed up with UK breastfeeding experts to create a unique teat shape that replicates the breast and allows the natural stretch, flex and movement to mimic Mummy’s boobies. Hence why these great bottles are called Closer to Nature. It makes sense.

When we first started using the Tommee Tippee bottles, we had teats that didn’t feature the Easi-Vent Valve technology and I must admit it really did distress Austyn as you had to prize the bottle from his little chops to get rid of the air pressure building in the bottle, making it difficult for him to suckle. But I think this may have been purely down to the fact that he is such a hungry, guzzling baby. The second we converted to the teats with the vents, it was a completely different story and he guzzled away with glee!

Once he got older, the unique shape of the bottle actually aided him in being able to hold his bottle completely independently.
Clever little Austyn, but sad Mummy, slowly losing her last baby to independence…

To sum up, we had absolutely no transition problems with breast to bottle, bottle to breast etc. and I successfully used this method for weeks. It was the perfect solution for us as it allowed Beard to bond, just like I have been while breastfeeding for all these weeks. It gave him back some precious Daddy/Newborn time while allowing me to have a full nights sleep! We can’t recommend Tommee Tippee enough, thank you so much for sending these products to us. Your bottles have made such a difference to Austyns feeds, our family bonding times and life in general.

Huge fans!